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Music video by Avicii performing Ten More Days. (C) 2015 Avicii Music AB, under exclusive license to Universal Music AB


Lord you know what I’ve done
And you know what I’m yet to do
But still you do, you love me like you do
As if there’s no one else to love

Lord you know just who I am
And you know exactly where I’m from
And still you do, you love me like you do
As if there’s no one else to love

So I close my eyes and pray
Cause you hear the words that I say
And I want to thank you, Jesus
Forÿ not letting go of a sinner
Reaching for the light

Lord you know how proud I have been
And you know how I try to earn this thing
But still you do, you love me like you do
As if there’s no one else to love

So I close my eyes and pray
Cause you hear the words that I say
And I want to thank you, Jesus
For not letting go of a sinner
Reaching for the light.

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Kanye West is like a different person these days because instead of yelling at people to not talk to him, he’s actually talking and smiling! Click ‘SHOW MORE’ for related content…

Kanye West Vs. Jay Z… Who’s The Bigger Diva? https://youtu.be/Sjxi737Hk3c
Kendall Jenner Birthday Party — Insane Scene with Tons of Celebs
Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian, Can You Spot The Difference? https://youtu.be/My9sbEAeisc
George W. Bush — Kanye For President? That’s Pretty Damn Funny

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It was just one of those days. Check it out

Kill The Lights available for pre-order: hhttp://umgn.us/lbktl


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The Teens react to the Grammy award winning a cappella group, Pentatonix!

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Evolution of Music – Pentatonix

[Official Video] Love Again – Pentatonix
This episode featured the following teenagers.

Darius, age 15
Michael & Miracle, age 15
Sydney, age 15
Carlos, age 16
Seth, age 16
Chelsea, age 17
Geneva, age 17
Leah, age 17
Labib, age 18
Morgan, age 18
Madison, age 19
Music by: Cormac Bluestone

Teens React #87 Pentatonix
Teens React to to Pentatonix

© Fine Brothers Properties 2015
This format and title of this program is protected under Copyright and Trademark Law and may not be emulated or re-created in any way without express consent in any territory worldwide.

01. Avicii – Waiting For Love (Avicii Intro Edit) (PRMD)
02. Avicii feat. Zac Brown Band – Broken Arrows
03. David Guetta feat. Sam Martin – Lovers On The Sun (WHAT A MUSIC)
04. John Newman – Love Me Again (Gemini Remix) (ISLAND)
w/ BlasterJaxx – Snake (DIM MAK)
05. Avicii feat. Audra Mae – Addicted To You (Avicii by Avicii) (PRMD/ISLAND)
06. Mat Zo feat. The Knocks – Get Down 2 Get Up (MAD ZOO)
07. Avicii feat. Simon Aldred – Heaven
08. Sub Focus – Turn Back Time (RAM)
w/ Avicii feat. Salem Al Fakir – You Make Me (PRMD/ISLAND)
w/ Avicii feat. Salem Al Fakir – You Make Me (Throttle Remix) (PRMD/ISLAND)
09. Avicii feat. Mike Posner – Stay With You (LE7ELS)
w/ Avicii feat. RAS – The Nights (PRMD)
10. WasteLand – Maple (FUZE)
w/ Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes – Here We Go (AXTONE)
w/ Tom Hangs feat. Shermanology – Blessed (Avicii Unreleased Vocal Mix) (3BEAT)
w/ Nadia Ali – Rapture (Avicii New Generation Extended Mix) (SMILE IN BED)
w/ Tom Hangs feat. Shermanology – Blessed (Aylen Remix) (3BEAT)
11. Phunk Investigation – XXX (X)
w/ Tim Berg – Alcoholic (Acappella) (JOIA)
12. The Aston Shuffle – Tear It Down (NEW_ID Remix) (AXTONE)
13. David Guetta & Avicii vs. Florence & The Machine – Sunshine Spectrum (Avicii Bootleg) (FMIF?/?ISLAND)
14. Tim Berg feat. Amanda Wilson – Seek Bromance (Avicii Vocal Remix) (PINKSTAR)
15. Avicii feat. Marie Orsted – Dear Boy (PRMD)
16. Avicii feat. Robbie Williams – The Days (PRMD)
w/ Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (Acappella)
w/ Avicii feat. Robbie Williams – The Days (Henrik B Remix) (PRMD)
17. Avicii & Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One (LE7ELS)
w/ Avicii & Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One (DubVision Remix) (LE7ELS)
w/ Style of Eye & Lars Allertz – Love Looks (Sunstars Remix) (ULTRA)
18. Mr. Belt & Wezol & Freejak – Somebody To Love (SPINNIN’ DEEP)
19. Faithless – Insomnia 2.0 (Avicii Remix)
20. Joe Stone feat. Montell Jordan – The Party (This Is How We Do It) (Firebeatz Remix) (SPINNIN’)
21. Avicii feat. ID – Some Nights (Working Title)
22. Avicii feat. ID – ID
23. Avicii feat. ID – ID
24. Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up (PRMD/ISLAND)
w/ Henrik B – Hold On
w/ Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up (Acappella) (PRMD/ISLAND)

Blake Shelton Gives First Interview Post Miranda Lambert-Divorce With Red Solo Cup in Hand: “It’s Been One of Those Weeks”

Proceed to party! Two days after finalizing his divorce from Miranda Lambert, a newly single Blake Shelton gave his first interview to Entertainment Tonight, and the segment aired on Monday, Aug. 3.

Shelton, 39, sat down beside fellow country superstar Brad Paisley with a red solo cup in hand filled with “a little vodka” and ice. “I thought I’d go ahead and get it started early,” the Voice coach joked. “It’s been one of those weeks.”

Ditching his wedding ring, Shelton was asked how he was doing. “Well,” he replied cheerfully and facetiously. “I got divorced.”
Shelton and Lambert announced to Us Weekly in a joint statement on July 20, that they were splitting after four years of marriage. “This is not the future we envisioned,” the couple told Us at the time. “And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately.” Hours after their initial split announcement, it was revealed that their divorce was finalized.

The beloved country couple, however, confused their millions of heartbroken fans when they tweeted at each other days later. Lambert made fun of bizarre paparazzi pics of Shelton pushing a stroller with a drink in his hand. “I knew it…. You WERE pregnant!” Lambert cracked at her ex-husband, alongside the pic. “This calls for a drink!”
Shelton then retweeted her message and replied, “Ha!!!!! Busted… I wasn’t JUST a fat ass. Drinking shall now begin…”

Despite their happy act, sources told Us at the time that both parties were “heartbroken” and “devastated” by the shocking split.
Shelton later tweeted in response to a fan who was convinced that their exchange was a “charade.” The country superstar noted, “Well rest assured, not one s— is given.”
A source told Us last week that the exes wanted to “move on as friends” and “there are no hard feelings.”

Sheryl Crow revisits her early days on stage with Michael Jackson and makes a special surprise appearance at Nashville’s famed Bluebird Cafe.

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Avicii – The Days / Nights EP Spotify: http://po.st/TheDaysNightsEPSpotify iTunes: http://po.st/TheDaysNightsEPiTunes.

Avicii – The Days / Nights EP Spotify: http://po.st/TheDaysNightsEPSpotify iTunes: http://po.st/TheDaysNightsEPiTunes.

Avicii – The Days / Nights EP Spotify: http://po.st/TheDaysNightsEPSpotify iTunes: http://po.st/TheDaysNightsEPiTunes Presented by: At Night Studios Concept …

Avicii – The Days Spotify: http://po.st/AviciiOfficialSpotify Itunes Pre-Order: http://po.st/AviciiOfficialPreorder Presented by: At Night Studios Concept by: Ash Pournouri Art by: INO…

The Days – Avicii feat. Robbie Williams | Official Song Facebook FanPage – https://www.facebook.com/iamamusicjunkie Download – http://adf.ly/sZk0J Download – http://tinyurl.com/nb8e4ty ( Both…

Jonathan singing four days late at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Creedmore NC.

Rare footage of Kanye in his early Roc days. Pharrell’s First time hearing Kanye Rap -2:00 min Kanye ‘My Way’ Freestyle In Studio – 2:45 min Ludacris Cosigni…

Just do the harlem shake keh jonny d, bobby, dave days, eppic, and nikki. thank yu for spazzing w me I LOVE YU PEOPLE.

Hi guys! ^^ I’m going to Japan in a couple of days (Please click show more) so I just wanted to make a quick cover of “dark horse” by Katy Perry (with no rap…

Lorde – The Love Club I’m in a clique but I want out It’s not the same as when I was punched In the old days there was enough The card games and ease with th…

next charts will come in 7 days! Adam – Kleurvol AYU – Mirrorcle World Celine Dion – Loved Me Back To Life Cher – I H…

Hands on Africa USA Intercession Tour 2012 – Culpepper, Virginia.

Just days after her first album “Pure Heroine” got released, Lorde called out Taylor Swift for being too “unattainable.” Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube channe…


From the days before “Hannah Montana” to “We Can’t Stop” and beyond, we take a look at Miley Cyrus, then and now. Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube channel: http…

I’m touring again!! Europe and US! get tickets here ?tickets.turnupgroup.com Get this song and our NEW EP off itunes: ?bit.ly This collab was so much fun to do. Tyler Ward is an amazing producer, singer, and he is so much fun to work with. Everything he does is amazing so you have to go check out his CHANNEL and SUBSCRIBE. www.youtube.com We were not even planning on doing this song. We actually just went shopping at a thrift store for another project and we had so much fun that we decided we had to cover this. 2 days later the song and the video were done. Anyhow, Tyler and I have some other projects that will be coming out soon. Download My original music off itunes ?itunes.apple.com Or order on my website: Physical Album:?lindseystirlingviolin.mybigcommerce.com Singles: ?lindseystirlingviolin.mybigcommerce.com Be my friend on Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Be Tyler’s friend too: Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

Get the single on iTunes:itun.es Get the single on Amazon: amzn.to Get our new album on Amazon.com: amzn.to Download Song off our website here: thepianoguys.com Lindsey’s on Tour! Check out the dates here: tickets.turnupgroup.com Subscribe to Lindsey Stirling’s channel: www.youtube.com Follow Lindsey Stirling on Facebook: www.facebook.com Subscribe to ThePianoGuys channel: www.youtube.com Follow ThePianoGuys on Facebook: www.facebook.com ALL THE SOUNDS YOU HEAR WERE CREATED BY THE INSTRUMENTS SHOWN The Story: It was May of 2011… a few days after Lindsey Stirling and ThePianoGuys had each filmed their first official YouTube videos (“Spontaneous Me” and “Michael Meets Mozart”). Lindsey and Steven Sharp Nelson (cello guy) shared the stage at a concert. After the show they talked enthusiastically about a YouTube collaboration down the road. A year and a half and a million fan requests later and it’s finally here! We love Lindsey Stirling! It feels like we’re family — we started on YouTube around the same time, we “grew up” in the same place, we all LOVE what we do and we’re all REALLY good dancers…except for ThePianoGuys. =) We chose the theme from “Mission: Impossible” because we thought it would be a great music video to “be ourselves” in — to play off each other, throw in some special effects, a couple “stunts,” and some slapstick! The concept for the song and video began with spy gadgets — we wanted all of them to be string instrument parts! Then how would we pair

www.hardknock.tv Hard Knock TV’s Behind the Scenes Exclusive preview of Ya Boy (YB) and Akon’s new music video for Lock Down. Akon tells Nick Huff Barili that you can expect his long awaited album to finally come out in September, that it’s called Stadium and that you can expect a much bigger sound from him, which is influence by everywhere he has been in the last couple years. Akon also goes in on the crosspollination between dance music and hip hop, which seem to be dominating the radio charts these days. Konvict has quite the eclectic roster that includes Lady Gaga, T-Pain, Ya Boy, Sway, Colby O’Donis, Jeffree Star, Kardinal Officiall among others. When asked if he ever thought about having a posses cut with everyone he said yes and that he could see even an album with everyone but that he wants to wait until everyone has a chance to make a name for themselves first. Ya Boy (aka YB the Rock Star), who’s influences include Eminem, Jay-Z, Tupac, E-40, Jadakiss, Master P, and Cash Money, talks about what the road has been like from his first track 16 Bars (google if you haven’t heard it) till now, including the move from the Bay to LA and going from working the streets to performing at Paris Hilton’s house. His new album Music Lives is almost done and you can expect him to not only rep the Bay but the whole West Coast, like he did with the smash We Run La, which he says pays homage to LA like Tupac’s to Live and Die in LA. If that wasn’t enough, video vixen Charm Killings

© 2011 WMG Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero “Tighten Up” by The Black Keys from ‘Brothers,’ available now at theblackkeys.com. Links: Facebook: www.facebook.com Website: www.theblackkeys.com “Tighten Up” Lyrics: I wanted love, I needed love, Most of all, most of all Someone said true love was dead And I’m bound to fall, bound to fall For you But what can I do? Take my badge but my heart remains Lovin’ you, baby child Tighten up on your reigns You’re runnin’ wild, runnin’ wild It’s true Sick for days in so many ways I’m achin’ now, I’m achin’ now It’s times like these I need relief Please show me how, show me how To get right When I was young and moving fast Nothing slowed me down, slowed me down Now I let the others pass I’ve come around, come around Living just to keep going Going just to stay sane All the while never knowing It’s such a shame I don’t need to get steady I know just how I feel I’m telling you to get ready My dear

Buy the video on iTunes: glnk.it Download this version of the song free at on.fb.me Download the studio version of the song for free at letsdothis.com Buy the actual guitars from this video (all proceeds go to charity) here: www.fendermusicfoundation.org See more about the guitars at: www.gretschguitars.com The new music video from OK Go, made in partnership with Chevrolet. OK Go set up over 1000 instruments over two miles of desert outside Los Angeles. A Chevy Sonic was outfitted with retractable pneumatic arms designed to play the instruments, and the band recorded this version of Needing/Getting, singing as they played the instrument array with the car. The video took 4 months of preparation and 4 days of shooting and recording. There are no ringers or stand-ins; Damian took stunt driving lessons. Each piano had the lowest octaves tuned to the same note so that they’d play the right note no matter where they were struck. Many thanks to Chevy for believing in and supporting such an insane and ambitious project, and to Gretsch for providing the guitars and amps. For more information visit www.okgo.net. Director Brian L. Perkins & Damian Kulash, Jr. Director of Photography: Yon Thomas Editor: Doug Walker Producer: Luke Ricci

FOLLOW: twitter.com subscribe: www.youtube.com DO ITTT 🙂 PLEASE DO NOT STEAL THIS VIDEO if you use some clips of it just credit me, otherwise DO NOT STEAL thank you =] OMG i cant believe this was on oceanup thank you guys SOOOO much for watching it i didnt have internet the past few days (school trip haha) but i just saw this now and was like WOAH again thank you so much for all of this and miley if u see this YOUR AWESOME story: miley is being haunted by dreams and memories of nick, she thinks about him when shes sleeping and performing, she then goes to (where the tour buses are i think?) and remembers when they were on tour together but then sees him with selena. when he finally gets up the nerve to call her ( thanx to help of kevin) they try to talk it out. miley then realizes how much she was hurt by their choice of demi and selena over her and hangs up on him. the end of the video shows how even though they are fighting she will still always care about him, even as a friend ( hence the picture at the end of their hug recently.) sorry for the long description, but i love all of them and just thought that the story went along with the music, i am NOT picking sides with nick or miley or whatever ( apparently they are all friends now? =D) lyrics: I can honestly say You’ve been on my mind Since I woke up today, up today I look at your photograph all the time These memories come back to life And I don’t mind I remember when we kissed I still feel it on my lips The time