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The family of the South African hostage, released in the Philippines on Sunday, have welcomed news of the release.

Muslim rebels freed five foreign hostages from a jungle hideout Sunday, but still held 19 other captives on the remote Philippine island of Jolo.

The Abu Sayyaf separatist rebels released four women, including South African, Monique Strydom, and one man after Libya agreed to pay 1 (m) million dollars in ransom for each hostage, negotiators said.

Monique’s parents in Pretoria, Monica and Heggie Aggenbag, described their daughter’s release as feeling like “Christmas”.

Their joy was lessened only by the fact that Monique’s husband Callie Strydom is still held by the rebels.

Callie’s brother, Sam Strydom said, however, that he believed his brother was stronger than Monique and would cope without her.

SOUNDBITE: (Afrikaans)
“It’s an absolutely wonderful emotional feeling that one gets when you hear something like that.”
SUPER CAPTION: Hennie Aggenbag, Father

SOUNDBITE: (Afrikaans)
“Now it’s Christmas, we’ve got the most wonderful, beautiful present”
SUPER CAPTION: Monica Aggenbag, Mother

SOUNDBITE: (English)
REPORTER QUESTION; “How do you feel about Callie (Monique’s husband who’s been left behind)?”
“Well actually that’s a sad story but what can you do. We thought that they would come out together, but one is a bargain and Callie is next, we know it”
SUPER CAPTION: Hennie Aggenbag, Father

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“I’m very happy that one is out, that’s a good sign, and I think Callie was more the stronger one than Monique and I hope he will cope without her and I’m so happy for Monique being out”
SUPER CAPTION: Sam Strydom, Callie’s brother

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“Monique said that she will not leave that place without Callie. Since then I think she got the message. The Foreign Affairs said that if she can get out she must get out, she must not stay there because we knew that Callie would follow just after her”
SUPER CAPTION: Hennie Aggenbag, Father

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