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Lukas Graham – 7 Years Lyrics

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Lukas Graham:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheForchhammer
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LukasGraham

Main channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Danwi99
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These are some of my favorite “80’s Pop” songs.

1) Take on Me – a-ha (0:07)
2) Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds (3:53)
3) Tainted Love – Soft Cell (8:13)
4) Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode (10:53)
5) Come On Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners (14:36)
6) Whip It – Devo (18:38)
7) Land of Confusion – Genesis (21:17)
8) Relax – Frankie Goes to Hollywood (26:03)
9) How Soon is Now – The Smiths (29:58)
10) What’s on Your Mind – Information Society (36:43)
11) 99 Luftballoons – Nena (41:18)
12) Cruel Summer – Bananarama (45:07)
13) Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran (48:36)
14) Super Freak – Rick James (52:00)
15) I Ran – A Flock of Seagulls (55:20)
16) Self Control – Laura Branigan (1:00:23)
17) Invincible – Pat Benatar (1:04:23)
18) Life in a Northern Town – The Dream Academy (1:08:50)
19) Obsession – Animotion (1:13:04)
20) Abracadabra – Steve Miller Band (1:18:39)
21) Don’t You Want Me – The Human League (1:22:19)
22) Never Tear Us Apart – INXS (1:26:18)
23) Down Under – Men At Work (1:29:20)
24) Eye of the Tiger – Survivor (1:32:55)
25) She Blinded Me With Science – Thomas Dolby (1:36:59)
26) The Promise – When in Rome (1:40:40)
27) Centerfold – J. Geils Band (1:44:19)
28) Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil (1:47:56)
29) Sunglasses at Night – Corey Hart (1:52:11)
30) Red, Red Wine – UB40 (1:56:05)


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[ Bridge:]
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream

Ev-ev-every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream
[Red Foo:] (I see my dream son)

[Verse: Red Foo]
Every time I dive in my pool
It’s hard to be humble
When I do the breaststroke through an underground tunnel
And come up on the other side in a jacuzzi
Being greeted by two naked models with suds on their booties
They give me hugs and lots of kisses
And they ask me what my wish is
I say go and call your bitches
Cause there’s gonna be a party
Next they wash my body as a team
And then they say “Foo your royal penis is clean”
And I’m like

Yes it’s on and poppin’
Yes the party’s rockin’
Yes the cutie’s jockin’
Yes and there ain’t no stoppin’

Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream

Ev-ev-every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream

[Verse: Sky Blu]
Wakin’ up next to a beautiful girl
Step outside to say hello to my beautiful world
Grandmas cookin’ breakfast she makes pancakes the best
I check my myspace and I got a lot of friend requests. Yes
I get to dancin’ cause I
Walk throungh my mansion cause I
Own property from California to the Hamptons and I
Sip from my water fountain that dispenses soda
Look out the window and wave down my next door neighbor Opera, huh
I check to see how my album’s doin’ today
The group LMFAO goes double platinum hayyy
I got a party man that’s how I live
So I take my elevator to the club in my crib like

Yes it’s on and poppin’
Yes the party’s rockin’
Yes the cutie’s jockin’
Yes and there ain’t no stoppin’

Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream

Ev-ev-every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream

sine language crystal method im in miami bitch trick back to the future boom boom bow pitbull duet get crazy girl cant help it hot n cold katy perry remix diego la las vegas i am not a whore i dont wanna be i gotta know i shake i move la la la leaving u you 4 for the groove life is a game of chess lil hipster girl love games lady gaga party rock love lockdown kanye west part of me chris cornell shooting star young boss kevin rudolph pittbull shots lil jon this is my life hyper crush yes bounce scream my name

Justin Randall Timberlake (born January 31, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. He appeared on the television shows Star Search and The All-New Mickey Mouse Club as a child. In the late 1990s, Timberlake rose to prominence as one of the two lead vocalists and youngest member of NSYNC, which eventually became one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. During the group’s hiatus, Timberlake released his debut studio album Justified (2002), which included the successful singles “Cry Me a River” and “Rock Your Body”, and earned his first two Grammy Awards.
His second record, FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006), distinguished from his previous release by its wide-range of musical influences, debuted atop the US Billboard 200 and produced the Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles “SexyBack”, “My Love”, and “What Goes Around… Comes Around”. With his first two albums exceeding sales of 10 million copies worldwide, he was established as one of the most commercially successful singers of the decade. From 2008 through 2012, Timberlake focused on his acting career, effectively putting his music career on hiatus; he held starring roles in the films The Social Network, Bad Teacher, In Time, and Friends with Benefits.
In 2013, Timberlake resumed his music career with his third and fourth albums The 20/20 Experience and The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2, exploring neo soul styles with the song structures of 1960s and 1970s rock. The former became the best-selling record of the year in the US and spawned the top-three singles “Suit & Tie” and “Mirrors”, while the latter produced the top-ten song “Not a Bad Thing”. Time named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2007 and 2013. Timberlake’s work has earned him numerous awards, including nine Grammy Awards and four Emmy Awards, the latter being for his appearances on Saturday Night Live. His other ventures include record label Tennman Records, fashion label William Rast, and the restaurants Destino and Southern Hospitality.

Christopher Alvin “Chris” Stapleton (born April 15, 1978) is an American country, bluegrass musician signed to Universal Music Group Nashville. He is an established songwriter with six number one songs including the 5-week number one “Never Wanted Nothing More” recorded by Kenny Chesney, “Love’s Gonna Make It Alright” recorded by George Strait and “Come Back Song” recorded by Darius Rucker. As a songwriter, over 150 of Stapleton’s songs have appeared on albums by such artists as Adele, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley. He has co-written with notable artists like Vince Gill, Peter Frampton and Sheryl Crow. Stapleton won the 2015 Country Music Association Award for Best Male Vocalist, New Artist of the Year, and Traveller won Album of the Year.

Welcome to Schlagerfabrikken! This channel has a diverse music spectrum. Everything from rock, american country, nordic, folk, blues and german schlager. Here is also a lot of the special folk music culture in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and neighbors.

By Schlagerfabrikken

Joe Nichols latest single “Freaks Like Me” available for purchase at all major retailers now!

I own nothing about this video, all rights goes to Joe and his label!

“Confession” can be found on FGL’s latest release ANYTHING GOES. Click here to purchase: http://smarturl.it/FGLAnythingGoes

Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Confession. (C) 2015 Big Machine Label Group, LLC


Die Heuwels Fantasties song Hyg Duiwel remixed by the late great Herman Pretorius aka Mr. X, this goes out to the Vrede Foundation and specifically the wonderful Dre and the guys at Birthmark who made this possible!!!

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I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO ANY OF THESE SONGS AND I AM NOT MAKING ANY MONEY OFF OF THIS!!! all credit goes to the creators of the album!!

Track List—————————————-
01. Wake Me Up 0:00
02. You Make Me 4:11
03. Hey Brother 8:06
04. Addicted To You 12:21
05. Dear Boy 14:50
06. Liar Liar 22:52
07. Shame On Me 26:52
08. Lay Me Down 31:10
09. Hope There’s Someone 36:09
10. Heart Upon My Sleeve 42:30
11. Long Road To Hell 47:12
12. Edom 50:56
13. Always On The Run (Bonus Track) 59:16
14. Canyons (Bonus Track) 1:04:10
15. All You Need Is Love (Bonus Track) 1:11:40

Florida Georgia Line pefroms live at Country to Country 2015

Every Night
It’z Just What We Do
Round Here
Anything Goes
Shine On
Bumpin’ The Night
Sippin’ On Fire
Like You Ain’t Even Gone
Party People
This Is How We Roll
Sun Daze

Download new album #Listen on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/guettalistendeluxe
Download Sun Goes Down remixes EP:

Lupe Fiasco – Break The Chain ft. Eric Turner and Sway


I waited all my life to play
I still can’t find a way
But if I work it one more day
I might just break the Chain
I might just break the Chain
I might just break the Chain

Lupe Fiasco [Verse 1]

Freedom, we can use some of that especially where we from
Where we grew up like a green thumb
Its like a criminal is the only thing you can become
Look at what I became
Something like a phenom, nothin but a g thang
Things I’ve seen when I’m looking out of these frames
Pictures I painted on the walls where we hang
From the trees we hung
Strange fruit man look at how we swung
How the hell you gonna tell us something
We ain’t have a father
How to try to grow up and be one
See umm feel it in my bones
That I’m sittin on a throne
Like a killer with a crone
When I slit another poach
Shed a whole lot of light on a little bit of home


Sway [Verse 2]
Lupe Fiasco Break The Chain lyrics found on http://www.directlyrics.com/lupe-fiasco-break-the-chain-lyrics.html

Super swatter, the kid remains but I represent
I ain’t no paper planes. I’m fly
Plus, I dont write no more, sorta from the top
I’ll show you razor stay sharp
But I knew how to razor blade
I’ve paid my dues and now I wait for change
Because the flows so rude
It goes without asking Lupe
I’m so big, you aim to break


Lupe Fiasco [Verse 3]
Chain broke, you ain’t make a rep for your chain smoke
No cigarrettes on my plane, yo
Stunt your ham bones from the game though
Put it on mine, take a long time
B-A-Barock is how I’m livin’ online
On a webisode like let’s go let ’em know
That I put up the footage that I’m takin’ your shine
Wanna see the real change? look in your mind
Your brain look like your ? brotha
Overgrow, overload, broken zone
Niggas playing games in the hood they got you stuck-up
Playa thinkin’ that its cool to be a pimp still
We gon’ set it free like a fish in a ??
Take this home, rearrange it, change it
Danger, Sway-zer, Lupe Laser. Pow!



Guns n’ roses full album

(00:00) Welcome to the jungle
(04:28) It´s so easy
(07:50) Nightrain
(12:13) Out ta get me
(16:29) Mr Brownstone
(20:15) Paradise city
(27:00) My Michelle
(30:39) Think about you
(34:29) Sweet child o´ mine
(40:22) You´re crazy
(43:38) Anything goes
(47:04) Rocket queen

Molly Morris (Cyrus), a private investigator based in Dallas, takes photos of cheating men. During one of her investigations, F.B.I. Agent Armon Ranford (Piven), offers her a job with the F.B.I., to watch over Alex Patrone (Lauren McKnight), the daughter of a Senator, who was involved in an organized crime case. Molly is reluctant at first, but ultimately decides to accept Ranford’s offer. She goes undercover as a sorority student named Brooke Stonebridge. She meets Sasha Stolezinsky (Eloise Mumford), the head of the sorority and other members, including Becky, Cotton, Hunter, and Alex, whom she has been hired to protect. At first, she suspects that Sasha may be hiding something, but as it turns out, she only changed her identity from Suzy Walters, so she start a new life, rather than be an outcast. Molly also meets her love interest, Nicholas Dexter (Josh Bowman), another student at the college. Molly begins to suspect that one of her professors, Professor Talloway (Matthew Settle), when she discovers that Alex secretly goes off to his home on a lake. She continuously reports back to Ranford, who at one point tells her that Nicholas Dexter is not his real name. She does not believe him, and soon figures out that Ranford is not who he says he is. One night she follows Alex to Talloway’s home, only to discover that her professor is actually a federal agent. She encounters a gunman, who doesn’t kill her. She figures out that Ranford is behind the mask, who drives off with a kidnapped Alex and soon finds Talloway injured from a gunshot wound outside his home. When she returns to the sorority house, she encounters two federal agents working on the case. They are hesitant at first, but Morris convinces them to help her solve the case, with the help of her sorority sisters. They execute the plan, rescue Alex, and corner Ranford, who is arrested. Alex hands over a SD card, with the evidence in her father’s case, to Molly. She hands over to the F.B.I. Molly’s father, Sam Morris (O’Malley), who helped her with the case, greets her and meets Nicholas. The F.B.I. is pleased with Molly’s work, and she is offered to work for them. She declines, and instead wants to continue at college. Two months pass, and she is taking photos of a guy Cotton is dating. Nicholas comes up to her, revealing they are dating. The film ends when they kiss.


Florida Georgia Line – Anything Goes (Lyric Video)


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Remember this is the frist top of harlem shakes version.

SONG NAME: Harlem Shake – Baauer
*ALL COPYRIGHTS goes to Baauer or whoever is in charge. This is not my song*

Story of Harlem Shake :

The Harlem Shake is an Internet meme in the form of a video of people performing a skit to the song “Harlem Shake”. Being a meme, the video was replicated using the same concept by many people, which eventually led to it becoming viral in early February 2013, with thousands of “Harlem Shake” videos being made and uploaded to YouTube every day.
The form of the meme was established in a video uploaded on February 2 by five teenagers from Queensland, Australia known on YouTube as The Sunny Coast Skate.

The video started a viral trend of people uploading to YouTube their own “Harlem Shake” videos. The teenagers’ video, in its turn, was a follow-up to a video by a YouTube comedy vlogger named Filthy Frank featuring a part where several costumed people danced to the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer.

0:00 1.Florida Georgia Line – Anything Goes
3:39 2.Florida Georgia Line – Angel
7:10 3.Florida Georgia Line – Bumpin’ The Night
10:52 4.Florida Georgia Line – Confession
14:04 5.Florida Georgia Line – Dirt
17:56 6.Florida Georgia Line – Every Night
21:02 7.Florida Georgia Line – Good Good
24:02 8.Florida Georgia Line – Like You Ain’t Even Gone
27:51 9.Florida Georgia Line – Sippin’ On Fire
31:06 10.Florida Georgia Line – Smile
33:57 11.Florida Georgia Line – Smoke
37:32 12.Florida Georgia Line – Sun Daze
The Best Songs of Florida Georgia Line || Anything Goes – Florida Georgia Line
The Best Songs of Florida Georgia Line || Anything Goes – Florida Georgia Line

0:00:00 Mirrors
0:04:38 What Goes Around…Comes Around
0:09:53 Cry Me A River
0:14:42 SexyBack
0:18:45 My Love
0:23:22 Suit & Tie
0:28:51 Rock Your Body
0:33:19 Summer Love
0:37:29 Like I Love You
0:42:13 Dead And Gone
0:47:13 TKO
0:54:18 Not A Bad Thing
0:59:25 LoveStoned I Think She Knows
1:06:50 Senorita

Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Anything Goes. (C) 2015 Big Machine Records, LLC.


The Best Songs Of Sheryl Crow ( Full Album HD) || Sheryl Crow’s Greatest Hits
Track List:
00:01 01.Safe And Sound-Sheryl Crow
04:29 02.All I Wanna Do-Sheryl Crow
09:04 03.Merry Christmas, Baby-Sheryl Crow
12:20 04.Real Gone-Sheryl Crow
15:42 05.Here comes the sun-Sheryl Crow
18:42 06.All Through the Night-Sheryl Crow
23:56 07.I’m a bitch, I’m a lover-Sheryl Crow
27:56 08.My Favorite Mistake – Sheryl Crow
32:04 09. There Goes The Neighborhood- Sheryl Crow
37:06 10.Riverwide – Sheryl Crow
41:14 11.It Don’T Hurt – Sheryl Crow
46:04 12.Maybe That’S Something – Sheryl Crow
50:22 13.Am I Getting Through (Part 1 & 2) – Sheryl Crow
55:51 14.Anything But Down – Sheryl Crow
1:00:10 15.The Difficult Kind – Sheryl Crow
1:06:29 16.Mississippi – Sheryl Crow
1:11:11 17.Members Only – Sheryl Crow
1:16:09 18.Crash And Burn/Subway Ride(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:27:26 19.Resuscitation – Sheryl Crow
1:27:26 20.Sweet Child O’Mine – Sheryl Crow
1:31:18 21.God Bless This Mess(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:33:27 22.Shine Over Babylon(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:37:30 23.Love Is Free(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:40:52 24.Peace Be Upon Us(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:45:15 25.Gasoline(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:50:22 26.Out Of Our Heads(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:54:49 27.Detours(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
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Florida Georgia Line – Anything Goes

Fifth Harmony new song “Me & My Girls” that will be premiered in Radio Disney on July 17th. Support the girls by buying the song on Itunes, please 🙂 I OWN NOTHING, ALL THE RIGHTS GOES TO …

Sippin’ On Fire” from FGL’s latest release ANYTHING GOES. Click here to purchase: http://smarturl.it/FGLAnythingGoes Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Sippin’ On Fire…

Sippin’ On Fire” from FGL’s latest release ANYTHING GOES. Click here to purchase: http://smarturl.it/FGLAnythingGoes Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Sippin’ On Fire….

FanMade (Music Video) Made By Me ”Peter Tatsis” All The Rights Goes to The Song ”Ribs” By ”Lorde” Cinematics are from LordeVEVO Find Me On http://petertatsis.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.co…

Florida Georgia Line performing the song “Dirt” from with their sophomore album “Anything Goes” live on TODAY SHOW. 11/14/2014 Download on iTunes: http://goo.gl/06B7ao Download on Amazon:…

Sara Bareilles singing Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Live on American Voices with Renée Fleming. All Credit goes to PBS, Sara Bareilles, American Vo…

David Guetta with his Dj Mix 238 Tracklist: 01 David Guetta & Showtek feat. MAGIC! & Sonny Wilson – Sun Goes Down?[PARLOPHONE (WARNER)] 02 Paris & Simo & Ame…

Angel – Florida Georgia Line – Anything Goes Facebook FanPage – https://www.facebook.com/iamamusicjunkie Subscribe – http://www.youtube.com/user/UCdi2tmUFfg9…

Madonna – Sticky & Sweet Tour 0:00:00 The Sweet Machine 0:03:32 Candy Shop 0:07:16 Beat Goes On 0:11:41 Human Nature 0:15:35 Vogue 0:20:05 Die Another Day 0:…

Like You Ain’t Even Gone – Florida Georgia Line – Anything Goes Facebook FanPage – https://www.facebook.com/iamamusicjunkie Subscribe – http://www.youtube.co…

Anything Goes – Florida Georgia Line Facebook FanPage – https://www.facebook.com/iamamusicjunkie Subscribe – http://www.youtube.com/user/singitoutloudmate?su…

Show Goes On (feat. Jack Parow, Die Heuwels Fantasties) JR ? 2010 Electromode Released on: 2010-07-02 Author: Tabure Thabo Bogopa Author: Zander Tyler Author…

Bumpin The Night – Florida Georgia Line Facebook FanPage – https://www.facebook.com/iamamusicjunkie Buy – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/anything-goes/id9…

Smoke – Florida Georgia Line – Anything Goes Facebook FanPage – https://www.facebook.com/iamamusicjunkie Subscribe – http://www.youtube.com/user/UCdi2tmUFfg9…

From their debut album, I Love you This video should be considered free advertisement for the band and album I own nothing, all credit goes to The Neighbourhood.