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w/Albert Lee & Vince Gill
Lyrics: I’ve been long, a long way from here
Put on a poncho, played for mosquitos,
And drank til I was thirsty again
We went searching through thrift store jungles
Found Geronimo’s rifle, Marilyn’s shampoo
And Benny Goodman’s corset and pen

Well, o.k. I made this up
I promised you I’d never give up

If it makes you happy
It can’t be that bad
If it makes you happy
Then why the hell are you so sad

You get down, real low down
You listen to Coltrane, derail your own train
Well who hasn’t been there before?
I come round, around the hard way
Bring you comics in bed, scrape the mold off the bread
And serve you french toast again

Well, o.k. I still get stoned
I’m not the kind of girl you’d take home


We’ve been far, far away from here
Put on a poncho, played for mosquitos
And everywhere in between
Well, o.k. we get along
So what if right now everything’s wrong?


Welcome To The Show is an anthem about facing exactly who you are and OWNING it. Its intended as a mantra to inspire strength and PRIDE. After recording the song a few months ago, I felt very compelled to create a video to further communicate it’s meaning.

I notice such diversity in my audiences when I’m on tour: Young, old, male, female, Trans, Gay, Straight, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, and every beautiful in-between. The common bond is that they are all HUMAN BEINGS. No matter how we identify, the human heart has a universal set of emotions and needs. Sure it’s idealistic, but couldn’t we be recognizing our similarities, instead of our differences? It all comes down to Identity. We as a society are obsessed with how to classify and define each person. There are new labels invented monthly for how to describe new “types”. In some cases, these labels are needed to empower us and give us clarity, but it seems that at some point, all the categorizing can become quite divisive. I’ve seen so many people trapped by the identity they put so much effort into maintaining, or shunned by choosing not to. I have fallen into that trap myself. True Individuality seems daunting in our age of social media popularity contests. Sometimes it’s terrifying to face your true, whole self, stripped of any pretense. The good, the bad, the cracks, and the scars. I am no stranger to the feeling of not liking myself. Once I get past my own body image issues, I realize that I sometimes also neglect my own spirit. Living in a world filled with so much hatred sometimes makes cultivating self-love a very difficult task. I have always struggled with this as I’m sure many of you have. My path is a kind of paradox in that I get to share my craft with the world, but also be willing to throw myself to the wolves. To dare to be different, but still wanting to be accepted. There is vast beauty to be found in life’s contradictions. This non-binary reality allows us to lead happy, expressive lives, and yet this very freedom comes with great risks. I’m not alone in this limbo. Through my art, I pledge to bring empathy and courage to anyone who has been made to feel unworthy or ashamed while daring to be themselves.

This is the first time I’ve produced my own music video. With the help of my friend and long- time collaborator Lee Cherry, we set out to co-direct something notably honest. I spoke with Laleh (the brilliant songwriter who is featured on the song) and we agreed on the vulnerability we wanted captured on screen. I think the more we as artists share ourselves openly, the more someone out there may feel inspired to do the same. I also felt a strong feeling of empowerment in creating this video independent of the label system. It was time to shoot this one on my own. This video isn’t about selling a song, or product placement, or racking up viral views. This is intended simply as a creative expression. What resulted on set came from a very free and organic headspace that allowed me to connect with the camera as if it were each person who’s supported me over the last 7 years. This video is a thank you to all of you who have lined up to see the Original High World Tour. To everyone who has listened and shared my songs and given me the purpose to keep moving forward. It’s a thank you to all of you who choose to accept and Love who YOU are! We hold each other up! I want you to keep celebrating exactly who you are, even if you don’t fit into the worlds ideas of what they think you should be. Take your flaws in stride, nurture your talents, take pride in your Queerness, and share all the love you have. — Adam Lambert

Directed by Lee Cherry and Adam Lambert with Post Production and VFX by Studio Private. Listen and download Adam’s new single “Welcome to the Show” feat. Laleh at http://smarturl.it/adam.wtts.

Download Adam Lambert’s most recent album “The Original High” featuring “Another Lonely Night” and “Ghost Town” now at http://adamofficial.com.

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Such an amazing song.. happy to cover it on Disse Storie!!

This is 90s music, yeah! I will do at least 6 pieces) I will also continue to do in 2009-2016 best music videos! Maybe I redid 70s-80s.
Retro music is cool is’n it?

Part 2

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1. Haddaway – What Is Love
2. Spice Girls – Wannabe
3. Corona – Rhythm Of The Night
4. Ace Of Base – Happy Nation
5. Neneh Cherry & Youssou N Dour – 7 Seconds
6. Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle
7. Captain Jack – Captain Jack
8. 2 Unlimited – No Limit
9. Aqua – Barbie Girl
10. Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler
11. Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch
12. Blur – Song 2
13. Snow – Informer
14. The Cardigans – Lovefool
15. MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This
16. Lou Bega – Mambo No. 5
17. Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way
18. Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time
19. Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply
20. Emilia – Big Big World
21. No Doubt – Don’t Speak
22. Eagle-Eye Cherry – Save Tonight
23. The Offspring – Pretty Fly
24. Scooter – How Much Is The Fish
25. The Rembrandts – I`ll Be There For You
26. Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us
27. Nana – Lonely
28. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
29. Dr. Dre – Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang
30. Ricky Martin – Livin La Vida Loca
31. E-Type – Russian Lullaby
32. Eiffel 65 – Blue
33. Mr. President – Coco Jamboo
34. Heath Hunter – Revolution In Paradise
35. Inner Circle – Sweat (A La La Long)
36. The Prodigy – Breathe
37. The Cranberries – Zombie
38. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
39. Green Day – Basket Case
40. Dr. Alban – It`s My Life
41. DJ Bobo – Everybody
42. Madonna – Frozen
43. Mylene Farmer – California
44. Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On
45. Mariah Carey – My All
46. Radiohead – Karma Police
47. Scorpions – Wind of Change
48. Queen – The Show Must Go On
49. Sting – Shape Of My Heart
50. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

Sheryl Crow – If It Makes You Happy with Lyrics on screen

People were asking for the full version so here it is. Plus, it deserves it’s own video.

SONG NAME: Harlem Shake – Baauer
*ALL COPYRIGHTS go to Baauer or whoever is in charge. This is not my song*

Happy ji-had!

tags: sometimes i fist myself with two loafs of bread hoping to turn into an inside out really fucked up looking sandwich so i was walking down the street and this shit stain came out of the bushes and was like “HEY, WHERE ARE YOU STAIN TONIGHT?” and i responded with “HAHAHA THATS FUCKING HILARIOUS JK I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU” and i did lol my favorite vegetable is my brother because he was in a car accident.

Happy XMas (War is Over)

Happy XMas (War is Over)

Britney Spears on Jane The Virgin!

The video includes only the scenes of Britney.

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Here is my latest re-mixed with best dance hits of 90’s and better sound quality. Hope you gonna enjoy listening this.Please feel free to leave your comment.***If your acces is banned in your country due to copyright restrictions, you can listen my mix by clicking on following link:https://www.mixcloud.com/georgebatranu03/geo_b-presents-best-cream-dance-hits-of-90s-re-mixed-by-geo_b/
————————- ENJOY —————————————-
This is for entertainment purposes only!
I do not own the rights to any of the songs in this video.
DJ Bobo – Somebody Dance With Me (00:00)
Captain Hollywood Project – More And More (02:43)
Corona – The Rhythm Of The Night (06:08)
Haddaway – Rock My Heart (08:55)
Real McCoy – Run Away (11:32)
2 Raff – Don’t Stop The Music (Raffneck Ragga 12 Inch Mix) (15:03 or 15:16)
Snipers – Fire (19:54)
Culture Beat – Got To Get It (Album Version) (24:14)
Culture Beat – Mr. Vain (Album Version) (28:02)
Maxx – Get-A-Way (33:13)
Th Express – I’m On Your Side (Extended Version) (35:37 or 35:47)
La Bouche – Sweet Dreams (39:30)
Basic Element – Leave It Behind (42:36)
Capella – Turn It Up And Down (45:44 or 45:55)
Capella – U And Me (48:08)
In Colour – I Wanna Give It To You (Radio Mix) (50:38)
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Dreams (Will Come Alive) (52:33)
Future Beat feat. Megatronic – Into The Fire (56:20)
Basic Element – How To Come Close To You (Single Basic Mix) (1:00:53)
Orange Blue – If You Wanna Be (My Only) (Happy Mix) (1:03:29 or 1:03:43)
Eclipse – Let The Rhythm Move You (1:08:31 or 1:08:45)
Priority – Time To Unite (Syntheseum Mix) (1:11:50 or 1:12:24)
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Do It (1:16:31)
Basic Element – This Must Be A Dream (1:19:17)
Afrika Bambaataa pres. Khayan – Feel The Vibe (Extended Club Mix) (1:21:43)
E-Rotic – Max Don’t Have Sex With Your Ex (Extended Version) (1:27:07)
Sandy – Bad Boy (Dwa Radio Mix) (1:31:05)
Future City – Only Love (1:34:34)
Darkness – In My Dreams (1:38:46)
First Base – Love Is Paradise (Radio Edit) (1:42:36)
K. Da’ Cruz – Love Is Lifting Me Higher (Extended Mix) (1:45:42)

Mixed by Geo_b
Timepoints: SuperFlashDriver (S.F.D. for short)
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Britney Spears’s Greatest Hits | Best Songs Of Britney Spears
Britney Spears Greatest Hits | The Best Songs Of Britney Spears
Britney Spears Full Album 2014 | Britney Spears Collection
Romatic 2014 , US , Uk , Live , X Factor , Download Free
Greatest Hits , Top 10 , Top 20 , Top 40 , Top 50 , Top 100 , Best , Songs
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1. 00:00 I Wanna Go
2. 03:31 Criminal
3. 07:16 Till The World Ends
4. 11:14 Baby One More Time
5. 14:46 Toxic
6. 18:05 Everytime
7. 21:56 Oops!…I Did It Again
8. 25:28 Gimme More
9. 29:39 Hold It Against Me
10. 33:28 Womanizer
11. 37:12 Piece Of Me
12. 40:45 Circus
13. 43:47 Overprotected
14. 47:16 Stronger
15. 50:42 3
16. 54:07 I’m a Slave 4 U
17. 57:32 If U Seek Amy
18. 01:01:09 Born To Make You Happy
19. 01:05:15 Lucky
20. 01:08:41 Break The Ice
21. 01:11:58 (You Drive Me) Crazy
22. 01:15:16 Work Bitch
23. 01:19:24 I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet A Woman
24. 01:23:16 My Prerogative
25. 01:26:50 Sometimes
26. 01:30:57 Inside Out
27. 01:34:35 He About To Lose Me
28. 01:38:24 Someday (I Will Understand)
29. 01:42:04 Touch of My Hand
30. 01:46:23 Perfume
31. 01:50:24 Gasoline
32. 01:53:32 Telephone
33. 01:57:04 Kill the Lights

Stefani opened up to ET, saying her music is motivating her right now!

Director: Brad Furman
Production Company: Happy Place
Producer: Roger Ubina
Executive Producer: Tara Razavi

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What do you mean?
When you nod your head yes
But you wanna say no
What do you mean?
When you don’t want me to move
But you tell me to go
What do you mean?
Said we’re running out of time
Trying to catch the beat make up your mind
What do you mean?
Better make up your mind
What do you mean?
You’re so indecisive of what I’m saying
Don’t want us to end where do I start
First you wanna go left and you want to turn right
First you up and you’re down and then between

Ohh I really want to know…

When you nod your head yes
But you wanna say no
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
But you tell me to go
Said we’re running out of time
What do you mean?
Better make up your mind
What do you mean?
You’re overprotective when I’m leaving
Trying to compromise but I can’t win
You wanna make a point but you keep preaching
You had me from the start won’t let this end
First you wanna go left and you want to turn right
Wanna argue all day make love all night
First you up and you’re down and then between
Ohh I really want to know…
What do you mean?
When you nod your head yes
What do you mean?
When you don’t want me to move
But you tell me to go
What do you mean?
Said we’re running out of time
What do you mean?
Better make up your mind
What do you mean?


The family of the South African hostage, released in the Philippines on Sunday, have welcomed news of the release.

Muslim rebels freed five foreign hostages from a jungle hideout Sunday, but still held 19 other captives on the remote Philippine island of Jolo.

The Abu Sayyaf separatist rebels released four women, including South African, Monique Strydom, and one man after Libya agreed to pay 1 (m) million dollars in ransom for each hostage, negotiators said.

Monique’s parents in Pretoria, Monica and Heggie Aggenbag, described their daughter’s release as feeling like “Christmas”.

Their joy was lessened only by the fact that Monique’s husband Callie Strydom is still held by the rebels.

Callie’s brother, Sam Strydom said, however, that he believed his brother was stronger than Monique and would cope without her.

SOUNDBITE: (Afrikaans)
“It’s an absolutely wonderful emotional feeling that one gets when you hear something like that.”
SUPER CAPTION: Hennie Aggenbag, Father

SOUNDBITE: (Afrikaans)
“Now it’s Christmas, we’ve got the most wonderful, beautiful present”
SUPER CAPTION: Monica Aggenbag, Mother

SOUNDBITE: (English)
REPORTER QUESTION; “How do you feel about Callie (Monique’s husband who’s been left behind)?”
“Well actually that’s a sad story but what can you do. We thought that they would come out together, but one is a bargain and Callie is next, we know it”
SUPER CAPTION: Hennie Aggenbag, Father

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“I’m very happy that one is out, that’s a good sign, and I think Callie was more the stronger one than Monique and I hope he will cope without her and I’m so happy for Monique being out”
SUPER CAPTION: Sam Strydom, Callie’s brother

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“Monique said that she will not leave that place without Callie. Since then I think she got the message. The Foreign Affairs said that if she can get out she must get out, she must not stay there because we knew that Callie would follow just after her”
SUPER CAPTION: Hennie Aggenbag, Father

You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/21b8e9161e190030544d18c952adfe0c
Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork

Blind Autidion – Torn
BattleRound – Not Over You*
Knock Out – Payphone
Payoff – My Happy Ending
Live Show – Top 12 – Behind These Hazel Eyes
Live Show – Top 10 – Over You
Live Show – Top 08 – Are You Happy Now?
Live Show – Top 06 – Stand
Live Show – Top 06 – I’m With You
Live Show – Top 04 – Stupid boy
Finals – Top 03 – Over You
Finals – Top 03 – Cry

There are a lot of crazy profiles on Tinder. They’re fun to read, but we thought it might be even more fun to hear them set to music. And three-time Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson was more than happy to oblige.

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Kelly Clarkson Sings Tinder Profiles

Blake Shelton Gives First Interview Post Miranda Lambert-Divorce With Red Solo Cup in Hand: “It’s Been One of Those Weeks”

Proceed to party! Two days after finalizing his divorce from Miranda Lambert, a newly single Blake Shelton gave his first interview to Entertainment Tonight, and the segment aired on Monday, Aug. 3.

Shelton, 39, sat down beside fellow country superstar Brad Paisley with a red solo cup in hand filled with “a little vodka” and ice. “I thought I’d go ahead and get it started early,” the Voice coach joked. “It’s been one of those weeks.”

Ditching his wedding ring, Shelton was asked how he was doing. “Well,” he replied cheerfully and facetiously. “I got divorced.”
Shelton and Lambert announced to Us Weekly in a joint statement on July 20, that they were splitting after four years of marriage. “This is not the future we envisioned,” the couple told Us at the time. “And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately.” Hours after their initial split announcement, it was revealed that their divorce was finalized.

The beloved country couple, however, confused their millions of heartbroken fans when they tweeted at each other days later. Lambert made fun of bizarre paparazzi pics of Shelton pushing a stroller with a drink in his hand. “I knew it…. You WERE pregnant!” Lambert cracked at her ex-husband, alongside the pic. “This calls for a drink!”
Shelton then retweeted her message and replied, “Ha!!!!! Busted… I wasn’t JUST a fat ass. Drinking shall now begin…”

Despite their happy act, sources told Us at the time that both parties were “heartbroken” and “devastated” by the shocking split.
Shelton later tweeted in response to a fan who was convinced that their exchange was a “charade.” The country superstar noted, “Well rest assured, not one s— is given.”
A source told Us last week that the exes wanted to “move on as friends” and “there are no hard feelings.”

The Best Songs Of Sheryl Crow ( Full Album HD) || Sheryl Crow’s Greatest Hits
Track List:
00:01 01.Safe And Sound-Sheryl Crow
04:29 02.All I Wanna Do-Sheryl Crow
09:04 03.Merry Christmas, Baby-Sheryl Crow
12:20 04.Real Gone-Sheryl Crow
15:42 05.Here comes the sun-Sheryl Crow
18:42 06.All Through the Night-Sheryl Crow
23:56 07.I’m a bitch, I’m a lover-Sheryl Crow
27:56 08.My Favorite Mistake – Sheryl Crow
32:04 09. There Goes The Neighborhood- Sheryl Crow
37:06 10.Riverwide – Sheryl Crow
41:14 11.It Don’T Hurt – Sheryl Crow
46:04 12.Maybe That’S Something – Sheryl Crow
50:22 13.Am I Getting Through (Part 1 & 2) – Sheryl Crow
55:51 14.Anything But Down – Sheryl Crow
1:00:10 15.The Difficult Kind – Sheryl Crow
1:06:29 16.Mississippi – Sheryl Crow
1:11:11 17.Members Only – Sheryl Crow
1:16:09 18.Crash And Burn/Subway Ride(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:27:26 19.Resuscitation – Sheryl Crow
1:27:26 20.Sweet Child O’Mine – Sheryl Crow
1:31:18 21.God Bless This Mess(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:33:27 22.Shine Over Babylon(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:37:30 23.Love Is Free(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:40:52 24.Peace Be Upon Us(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:45:15 25.Gasoline(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:50:22 26.Out Of Our Heads(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
1:54:49 27.Detours(Album Version) – Sheryl Crow
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? I don’t own anything in the video. The credits go to the respective owners. This video is purely fan-made

Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions – Don’t Dream It’s Over performed by Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande 
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To launch The Happy Hippie Foundation, Miley created a new Backyard Sessions series and invited special musical guests to perform with her to make these music video collaborations.

Founded by Miley Cyrus, The Happy Hippie Foundation is a nonprofit organization that rallies young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBT youth, and other vulnerable populations.
Click here to find out more: http://happyhippies.org
Watch more of Happy Hippie Presents: the Backyard Sessions here: http://miley.lk/bysplaylist

Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions – Don’t Dream It’s Over performed by Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande 
Click here to donate: http://happyhippies.org/donate 
To launch The Happy Hippie Foundation, Miley created a new Backyard Sessions series and invited special musical guests to perform with her to make these music video collaborations.

Founded by Miley Cyrus, The Happy Hippie Foundation is a nonprofit organization that rallies young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBT youth, and other vulnerable populations.
Click here to find out more: http://happyhippies.org
Watch more of Happy Hippie Presents: the Backyard Sessions here: http://miley.lk/bysplaylist

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If It Makes You Happy – Sheryl Crow with Vince Gill & Albert Lee.

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Remix by: Jais BPM & Itamar Moraz Happy:)))

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bacolod place HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

01. Run, Baby, Run 00:08 02. Letter To God 06:01 03. If It Makes You Happy 10:33 04. I Know Why 16:10 05. The First Cut Is The Deepest 20:45 06. Strong Enoug…

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“Easy”; “Strong Enough”; “Call Me When I’m Lonely”; “Picture/If It Makes You Happy” – Las Vegas, Nevada (USA).

Hey folks! Happy Music Monday! Sooo… announcement time! The boys and I will be opening for Eric Paslay on Friday, March 7th at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon in…

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