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It’s here! Christmas has arrived early! Selly Sel’s long awaited “Hands to Myself” video has finally premiered and it is EVERYTHING.
Is it me or is Selena Gomez’s new video arrhythmia inducing? I swear I felt my heart stop palpitating a few times as she pranced around in her underwear with Hottie McHot. #Goals

The bangs! The penthouse view! The ‘designer underwear’ slash ‘man’s dress shirt’ outfit! I’ve lost all chill. So “Hands to Myself” is the 3rd single off Selena Gomez’s Revival album, and after all the mini teasers she’s been gifting us her grown ass self in this very sexually charged music video- I think we can agree we all died a little when we saw this…

Eat your heart out, Justin Bieber! I’m sure he died a little when he watched the video too. So, the video starts off with Selena just chillin’ in a beautiful home in what we can only assume to be in the Hollywood Hills. She’s hanging out, running around the house in her sexy lingerie, jamming along to the music playing on that Beats Pill speaker, taking showers and even getting hot and heavy with this guy…Who – fun fact – appeared in Demi Lovato’s ‘Here We Go Again’ music video like, six years ago!
He was such a baby then!! Who knew Christopher Mason would be making an even sexier appearance in Selena’s music video many years later? Anyway, back to the subject at hand. After watching Selena prance around a home that she was VERY familiar with, you would think the girl was invited into the place, but nope! In the very beginning we saw the sexy starlet was actually breaking and entering! Yeah, Selena, you thought no one was looking, but we all were! However, the guy she was making out with in previous scenes didn’t appreciate Selena in his home after their little rendezvous, so he called the cops and sadly Selly G got arrested.

If you thought the video was over, think again. In a serious plot twist, the whole thing turned out to be a video/mini movie that Selena and her boy toy were watching on his couch? In case you’re confused, Selena hit us with a little bit of inception by putting a video within her music video.

So, is this Selena’s sexiest video of all time or what?! Let me know below or tweet me at MistyKingma. And speaking of sexiness, click over here to find out how Selena went from adorable Disney darling to sexy pop starlet on Selena’s style evolution! I’m Misty Kingma, thanks for subscribing and have an awesome day!

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19 Celebs dissed by Lorde??http://bit.ly/1nBa4gx
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Above all else, 2014 has been the year of LORDE!
From her Grammy wins to becoming best friends with Taylor Swift, and even being parodied on South Park, we’re going to go ahead and assume this past year in particular has been one for the record books for this gal. HOWEVER! Though you know she’s uber talented and isn’t afraid to throw shade at certain celebrities — how much do you REALLY, REALLY know about Lorde?
If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Hey, I wish I knew more about Lorde because she’s awesome and she’s super cool and I wanna be friends with her,” you are in the right place my friend, because we’re breaking down eight things you didn’t know about her. So if you ever see her in public, you should probably use one of these facts to get her attention – it’ll either freak her out, or she’ll think you awesome. OK enough chit chat, let’s get started.

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Lupe Fiasco – Break The Chain ft. Eric Turner and Sway


I waited all my life to play
I still can’t find a way
But if I work it one more day
I might just break the Chain
I might just break the Chain
I might just break the Chain

Lupe Fiasco [Verse 1]

Freedom, we can use some of that especially where we from
Where we grew up like a green thumb
Its like a criminal is the only thing you can become
Look at what I became
Something like a phenom, nothin but a g thang
Things I’ve seen when I’m looking out of these frames
Pictures I painted on the walls where we hang
From the trees we hung
Strange fruit man look at how we swung
How the hell you gonna tell us something
We ain’t have a father
How to try to grow up and be one
See umm feel it in my bones
That I’m sittin on a throne
Like a killer with a crone
When I slit another poach
Shed a whole lot of light on a little bit of home


Sway [Verse 2]
Lupe Fiasco Break The Chain lyrics found on http://www.directlyrics.com/lupe-fiasco-break-the-chain-lyrics.html

Super swatter, the kid remains but I represent
I ain’t no paper planes. I’m fly
Plus, I dont write no more, sorta from the top
I’ll show you razor stay sharp
But I knew how to razor blade
I’ve paid my dues and now I wait for change
Because the flows so rude
It goes without asking Lupe
I’m so big, you aim to break


Lupe Fiasco [Verse 3]
Chain broke, you ain’t make a rep for your chain smoke
No cigarrettes on my plane, yo
Stunt your ham bones from the game though
Put it on mine, take a long time
B-A-Barock is how I’m livin’ online
On a webisode like let’s go let ’em know
That I put up the footage that I’m takin’ your shine
Wanna see the real change? look in your mind
Your brain look like your ? brotha
Overgrow, overload, broken zone
Niggas playing games in the hood they got you stuck-up
Playa thinkin’ that its cool to be a pimp still
We gon’ set it free like a fish in a ??
Take this home, rearrange it, change it
Danger, Sway-zer, Lupe Laser. Pow!


The family of the South African hostage, released in the Philippines on Sunday, have welcomed news of the release.

Muslim rebels freed five foreign hostages from a jungle hideout Sunday, but still held 19 other captives on the remote Philippine island of Jolo.

The Abu Sayyaf separatist rebels released four women, including South African, Monique Strydom, and one man after Libya agreed to pay 1 (m) million dollars in ransom for each hostage, negotiators said.

Monique’s parents in Pretoria, Monica and Heggie Aggenbag, described their daughter’s release as feeling like “Christmas”.

Their joy was lessened only by the fact that Monique’s husband Callie Strydom is still held by the rebels.

Callie’s brother, Sam Strydom said, however, that he believed his brother was stronger than Monique and would cope without her.

SOUNDBITE: (Afrikaans)
“It’s an absolutely wonderful emotional feeling that one gets when you hear something like that.”
SUPER CAPTION: Hennie Aggenbag, Father

SOUNDBITE: (Afrikaans)
“Now it’s Christmas, we’ve got the most wonderful, beautiful present”
SUPER CAPTION: Monica Aggenbag, Mother

SOUNDBITE: (English)
REPORTER QUESTION; “How do you feel about Callie (Monique’s husband who’s been left behind)?”
“Well actually that’s a sad story but what can you do. We thought that they would come out together, but one is a bargain and Callie is next, we know it”
SUPER CAPTION: Hennie Aggenbag, Father

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“I’m very happy that one is out, that’s a good sign, and I think Callie was more the stronger one than Monique and I hope he will cope without her and I’m so happy for Monique being out”
SUPER CAPTION: Sam Strydom, Callie’s brother

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“Monique said that she will not leave that place without Callie. Since then I think she got the message. The Foreign Affairs said that if she can get out she must get out, she must not stay there because we knew that Callie would follow just after her”
SUPER CAPTION: Hennie Aggenbag, Father

You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/21b8e9161e190030544d18c952adfe0c
Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork

Blake Shelton Gives First Interview Post Miranda Lambert-Divorce With Red Solo Cup in Hand: “It’s Been One of Those Weeks”

Proceed to party! Two days after finalizing his divorce from Miranda Lambert, a newly single Blake Shelton gave his first interview to Entertainment Tonight, and the segment aired on Monday, Aug. 3.

Shelton, 39, sat down beside fellow country superstar Brad Paisley with a red solo cup in hand filled with “a little vodka” and ice. “I thought I’d go ahead and get it started early,” the Voice coach joked. “It’s been one of those weeks.”

Ditching his wedding ring, Shelton was asked how he was doing. “Well,” he replied cheerfully and facetiously. “I got divorced.”
Shelton and Lambert announced to Us Weekly in a joint statement on July 20, that they were splitting after four years of marriage. “This is not the future we envisioned,” the couple told Us at the time. “And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately.” Hours after their initial split announcement, it was revealed that their divorce was finalized.

The beloved country couple, however, confused their millions of heartbroken fans when they tweeted at each other days later. Lambert made fun of bizarre paparazzi pics of Shelton pushing a stroller with a drink in his hand. “I knew it…. You WERE pregnant!” Lambert cracked at her ex-husband, alongside the pic. “This calls for a drink!”
Shelton then retweeted her message and replied, “Ha!!!!! Busted… I wasn’t JUST a fat ass. Drinking shall now begin…”

Despite their happy act, sources told Us at the time that both parties were “heartbroken” and “devastated” by the shocking split.
Shelton later tweeted in response to a fan who was convinced that their exchange was a “charade.” The country superstar noted, “Well rest assured, not one s— is given.”
A source told Us last week that the exes wanted to “move on as friends” and “there are no hard feelings.”

Jay-Z performing all b-sides! Nothing but the classics!

I’ve put together an album of this whole concert. Includes the whole intro and the whole freeway verse. Enjoy!

Set list:
“Dynasty Intro”
“Young Gifted & Black Freestyle”
“Pump It Up Freestyle”
“Streets Is Watching”
“Friend Or Foe”
“Where I’m From”
“Say Hello” (Hook)
“Tidal Freestyle”
“Politics As Usual”
“Guess Who’s Back”
“Show You How”
“Jigga My N*gga”
“Hovi Baby”
“22 Twos” (“If you a thot, gotta call you a thot.”)
“U Don’t Know”
“A Million And One Questions”
“Rhyme No More” over Pusha’s “Numbers By The Boards”
“So Ghetto”
“Marcyville” over Snoop’s “Murder Was The Case”
“This Can’t Be Live”
“Party Life” (Interlude)
“Ignorant Sh*t”
“Grammy Family Freestyle” (“I had a bet that I was gonna be the only one that knew that.”)
“You, Me, Him, & Her” (w/ Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel)
“What We Do” (Freeway’s verse only)
“We Made It Freestyle” (w/ Jay Electronica)
Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C”
“Go Crazy” (w/ Jeezy)
Jeezy’s “Who Dat”
“Can I Live”
“In My Lifetime (Remix)”
“Feelin’ It”
“Imaginary Player”
“Dead Presidents Pt. I”
“It’s Like That”
“Never Change”
“Momma Loved Me” Accapella
B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone”
Jimi Hendrix’s “National Anthem”
“Show Me What You Got” (Outro)

Nick Grimshaw quizzed Taylor and Ed to see how much they knew about the other person – with interesting results!

I’ve spent my life looking for you Finding my way wasn’t easy to do but I knew there was you all the while And it’s been worth every mile CHORUS: So lay down beside me Love me and hide me…

He never knew their names and never really cared Lying to himself, he was never just a young kid scared Living on his own with no one to hold on to Nowhere t…

This my original arrangement of Maps. I love this song and I knew I had to remix it. From the beginning I started coming up with ideas to make it my own. I wanted to give it like a heavy techno/hou…

Selena Gomez 3rd Annual Acoustic Charity Concert Benefiting UNICEF 1/19/2013 Best Buy Theater Noah Guthrie, Bridgit Mendler, Selena Gomez & The Scene.

Taylor Swift’s fourth album, called “RED” Taylor Swift – RED (Full Album) State Of Grace – 00:00 RED – 04:52 Treacherous – 08:28 I Knew You Were Trouble – 12…

Bruno Mars performing “If I Knew/Runaway Baby” at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, Arkansas, on June 10, 2014.

NOTICE: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. All rights belong to MCA Nashville, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. If you are a supporter of this talented up…

http://www.vladtv.com – Charlamagne tha God shares his thoughts on Jay Z’s highly publicized fight with Solange Knowles, and says it reiterated the fact that…

Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour 2014 in Japan.

Taylor Swift Performance – The victoria’s secret fashion show 2013 (HD) Kho nh?c hay (Best Music And Sexy): Website: http://thanhnammusic.blogspot.com/ Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/thanhnam…

Moonshine Jungle Tour 2014 tickets and more info: http://brunomars.com/moonshinejungletour Connect with Bruno: http://www.brunomars.com http://www.twitter.co…

Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble ****Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show**** The Texas Teen Music Network Is *A Taylor Swift Channel* Over *1000* Taylor Swi…

Taylor Swift & Fall Out Boy rock out at VS Fashion Show 2013! Exclusive Catching Fire Interviews: http://bit.ly/1dmthKN Jennifer Lawrence eats candy bracelet…

Selena Gomez Lyrics Pick Up Girls? #VEVOLyricLines (Ep. 17) The moment I heard “Come & Get It” by Selena Gomez, I knew her lyrics would make some hilarious p…

Song List : Walk Away 00:25 Why haven’t i heard from you? 05:05 Since you been gone 11:07 The Greatest Man I Never Knew 16:11 Because of You 20:53 Does He Lo…

Jessie J covers Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble for Fearne Cotton and Trevor Nelson in the BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra Live Lounge.

Sheet music is available at http://www.aldysheetmusic.com/popular-songs/i-knew-you-were-trouble-by-taylor-swift/ Here is a requested song that many people ha…

Moonshine Jungle Tour 2013 Valley View Casino Center San Diego, California.

Taylor Swift performing I Knew You Were Trouble during The Graham Norton Show in UK.

Como puede ser verdad Last night I dreamt of San Pedro Just like I’d never gone, I knew the song A young girl with eyes like the desert It all seems like yes…

Download on Beatport: bit.ly Subscribe to Spinnin’ TV : bit.ly Spotify: bit.ly G+ : www.google.com Facebook: facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Join Wall Recordings on Facebook: facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Wall TV: youtube.com When Afrojack dropped ‘Rock The House’ at Ultra Music Festival earlier this year, he instantly knew this had to become one of his next singles, and if you’d just listen to it you will understand why! Still sticking to his trademark filthy Dutch electro sounds, Afrojack creates a more melodic buildup to what is one of the most epic drops you’ve heard in a while. Want to make your audience go crazy like you’ve never seen before? All you have to do is drop this track, success guaranteed. David Guetta : ‘Full support!’ Arty : ‘support!’ Laidback Luke : ‘Sounding good! Typical Afrojack style’ Hardwell : ‘Played it at Sensation Amsterdam!’ Steve Aoki : ‘BOMBS!’ Pete Tong : ‘Played it in my Essential Selection this weekend!’ Nicky Romero: playing every set since a month or 2 , huge track full support!” Tommy Trash : ‘Played it during Miami!’ Thomas Gold : ‘dope track’ Bingo Players : ‘Biggg!’ Swanky Tunes : ‘Really cool!’ Chris Lake : ‘Big!’ Danny Howard / BBC Radio 1 : ‘Yes, amazing!’ Austin Kramer / Sirius XM : Yeah!

DOWNLOAD THE SONG: bit.ly BLOOPERS: bit.ly CELEBRITY POKEMON CARDS: bit.ly smosh.com http facebook.com myspace.com —————————– LYRICS: I’m a nice guy and get nothing in return but Cut in line, mean mugged, smacked on the butt By the way, saying “Good game” doesn’t mean it’s OK Guy on guy butt slapping’s really gay No, that’s not me now, I’m Boxman version two Out with the old box, in with the new Don’t expect a dance from me that’s so overplayed Boxman Dance time won’t get me laid The old me would be polite and hold open doors Not the new me, I’ll walk past ’cause I’m hardcore Hand me that paper, no I won’t say please Because I’m a BAMF like Sue from Glee Which gang should I join? The Bloods or the Crips? Why not combine the two? Purple is hip (Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination) Let’s see that dinosaur’s gang operation He’s a Boxman version two Everything you knew about him’s now untrue He’s a Boxman two point oh He’s really badass like GI Joe He’s a Boxman in a gang They make him do things that are insane He’s a Boxman as you can see Breaking that table was really mean So maybe gang life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be Hanging out with old men who live at home just ain’t for me Oops Forgot to wear my undies They all saw my box-butt and made fun of me Stop, everybody put your hands in the air There’s a gang affair going on in here, I’m aware Holy f**ing sh**, I’m f***ing out of here, man I had nothing to do with any of their plans Whoa, oh my God

Buy Now: iTunes: itunes.apple.com Music video by Taylor Swift performing I Knew You Were Trouble. © 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC

iTunes: itunes.apple.com Check out Eppic’s alternate version here! www.youtube.com This was one of the most fun videos I’ve ever created! Eppic and I had a great time (cold too…) making this for you. It’s one of my favorite songs off the RED album :). Thanks so much for watching and please share this with everyone you know! It really does help more than you know! Subscribe to the amazing Eppic!! (www.youtube.com Thanks so much to Shaun Reynolds for producing this for us! You are seriously the man. Everyone go subscribe to him! He’s super talented 🙂 www.youtube.com Thanks so much to Sehler for filming and being the package deliverer in the video. You are awesome 🙂 Thanks also to Jackie (www.youtube.com for being in my video as well. You’re a cool sister. Facebook: www.facebook.com http//www.facebook.com/EppicInvasion Twitter: www.twitter.com www.twitter.com Keek: www.keek.com www.keek.com Song Produced by: Shaun Reynolds Video Filmed by: Sehler, Eppic, Alex G Video Edited by: Alex G “I Knew You Were Trouble” — originally by Taylor Swift Written by: Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback Published by: Sony ATV Music Publishing & Kobalt Music Publishing

Get the song at: itunes.apple.com Music and Lyrics by Chester See (The Singer) www.youtube.com Check out Chester’s acoustic version! youtu.be Andy Lange produced the music www.youtube.com See how in his Making the Music video www.youtube.com Justin Safaei (cinematographer) www.youtubecom Sean Fujiyoshi Wayne Brady Andrew Garcia Dtrix Wong Fu Lana Abdul Charlie Too many to name + MUCH MORE Find me on: Twitter www.twitter.com Facebook www.facebook.com Website www.higatv.com 2nd Channel http *LYRICS Verse 1 Its like Eminem and Dr. Dre If I loved you more I might be gay And when I’m feeling down You know just what to say You my homie, Yeah you know me And if you ever need a wingman I’d let any girl blow me off Cus you’re more important than the rest I confess, I’m a mess If I’m not hanging with my BFF You know its true, you my male boo, Now sing the chorus with me if you’re feeling the same way too. Chorus Bromance, nothing really gay about it Not, that there’s anything wrong with being gay Bromance, SHouldn’t be ashamed or hide it I love you in the most heterosexual way. Verse 2 Hold me To a promise that I”ll be the kind of the friend that in the end Will always keep you company Because when the world gets tough And times get hard I will always love you, I’ll be your bodyguard Cus you’re my bestie, and if you test me I’ll prove it time and time again, I got your back until the end A brotha from anotha motha never knew how much I loved ya Till i started singing this song

Long distance relationships are tough. **NOTE** Jupiter is the name of the alien girl, NOT the name of the planet she lives on. DOWNLOAD THE SONG HERE: bit.ly OUR FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com ******LYRICS****** There’s nothing left to say. I’m not with you. You lie so far away from the truth. Jupiter you’re on my mind. The clock will turn the gears of time. I only want to be with you. Symmetry can lean askew. It’s gripping on my mind. I’ll stay impossible to define while you’re away. There’s still nothing to say. I’m not with you. Sometimes the path least traveled is the avenue. The stranger in your life you thought you knew. How can I be yellow and still so blue? Jupiter you’re on my mind. The clock will turn the gears of time. I only want to be with you. Symmetry can lean askew. It’s gripping on my mind. I’ll stay impossible to define while you’re away. Jupiter you’re on my mind. The clock will turn the gears of time. I only want to be with you. Symmetry can lean askew.

DOWNLOAD THE MP3: tinyurl.com Lyrics and vocals by Ray Johnson bit.ly Produced by Atomic Beats bit.ly ***LYRICS*** You don’t know me, baby, but I’ve seen you around. It might be kind of crazy, but I’m just new in town. And now I wonder what you’d think if I said, hey look I’d like to get your number and a link to your Facebook. Now if I tell you what a nice guy’s supposed to Would that compel you not to scream when I approach you? You’ll have to promise me you’ll take this news calmly, But honestly, I’m sort of a zombie. I knew you’d be surprised. You can bet that I May not be alive, but I sure as hell ain’t dead inside. What’s with the shotty? I ain’t wishing you harm. You see, I’d try to hold your hand but I’m missing an arm. Brains are all I’ve eaten all week it’s true, But if my heart were still beating, it would beat for you. So let me take you to Wendy’s. You deserve it. Yeah, I’m a zombie, baby. Ain’t nobody perfect. I’ll chase you through the yard and all through the house into the dark. I wanna steal your heart and eat your brains. I’ve never been so true, but if my heart were still beating, it would beat for you. I wanna steal your heart and eat your brains. Baby, sometimes I bite, and you can bet That I’ve got an appetite for human flesh. I’ll always be near though. You’ll have to accept that When I nibble on your earlobe you might get infected. Cause I fell in love with you and I’m Undead but you make me feel alive. And when I chase you through the graveyard