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Music video by Lady Gaga performing The Cure. (C) 2017 Interscope Records


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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Perfect Illusion. (C) 2016 Interscope Records


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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Million Reasons. (C) 2016 Interscope Records


More great 80’s & 90’s albums her:
BAD BOYS BLUE https://youtu.be/ysORKGM_YGI
Boney M & Bobby Farrell https://youtu.be/RcM7Ov2KSzI
FANCY https://youtu.be/VfmcC8xqpRA
HADDAWAY https://youtu.be/aJxOiPRovEU
LONDONBEAT https://youtu.be/LWVe9r4IUFo
Mr. PRESIDENT https://youtu.be/jIcAtmiUb_4
Toto CUTUGNO https://youtu.be/CosKJrDkZ-Y

Bad Boys Blue – 30 Greatest hits (Original versions)

01. You’re A Woman 00:07
02. Pretty Young Girl 00:05:27
03. One Night In Heaven 00:11:11
04. I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) 00:16:05
05. People Of The Night 00:20:10
06. Gimme Gimme Your Lovin’ (Little Lady) 00:25:07
07. Rainy Friday 00:30:21
08. Kiss You All Over, Baby 00:35:34
09. Mon Amie 00:41:26
10. Hot Girls – Bad Boys 00:46:07
11. A World Without You (Michelle) 00:50:17
12. I Live 00:53:56
13. L.O.V.E. In My Car 00:58:47
14. Come Back And Stay 01:04:04
15. Kisses And Tears (My One And Only) 01:11:39
16. Charlene 01:17:23
17. A Train To Nowhere 01:21:51
18. For Your Love 01:25:46
19. Dance The Night Away 01:31:37
20. Lady Blue 01:35:50
21. Hungry For Love 01:40:16
22. Blue Moon 01:44:49
23. Don’t Walk Away Suzanne 01:49:34
24. Show Me The Way 01:53:26
25. Rain In My Heart 01:57:23
26. Kiss You All Over, Baby (New Version) 02:01:48
27. Lovers In The Sand 02:07:40
28. Lady In Black 02:11:27
29. Love Really Hurts Without You 02:15:15
30. Baby I Love You 02:19:00

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1 Demi Lovato – Heart Attack; Made in the USA
2 Amy Lee – Lithium (Evanescence)
3 Hayley Williams – Ain’t it fun; The only exception (Paramore)
4 Whitney Houston – I have nothing
5 Miley Cyrus – Dream it’s over (cover) Party in the USA, Jolene (cover)
6 Lady Gaga – Applause
7 Rihanna – Work
8 Mariah Carey – Without you (Ken leeee)
9 Nicki Minaj – Hey Mama

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[ Bridge:]
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream

Ev-ev-every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream
[Red Foo:] (I see my dream son)

[Verse: Red Foo]
Every time I dive in my pool
It’s hard to be humble
When I do the breaststroke through an underground tunnel
And come up on the other side in a jacuzzi
Being greeted by two naked models with suds on their booties
They give me hugs and lots of kisses
And they ask me what my wish is
I say go and call your bitches
Cause there’s gonna be a party
Next they wash my body as a team
And then they say “Foo your royal penis is clean”
And I’m like

Yes it’s on and poppin’
Yes the party’s rockin’
Yes the cutie’s jockin’
Yes and there ain’t no stoppin’

Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream

Ev-ev-every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream

[Verse: Sky Blu]
Wakin’ up next to a beautiful girl
Step outside to say hello to my beautiful world
Grandmas cookin’ breakfast she makes pancakes the best
I check my myspace and I got a lot of friend requests. Yes
I get to dancin’ cause I
Walk throungh my mansion cause I
Own property from California to the Hamptons and I
Sip from my water fountain that dispenses soda
Look out the window and wave down my next door neighbor Opera, huh
I check to see how my album’s doin’ today
The group LMFAO goes double platinum hayyy
I got a party man that’s how I live
So I take my elevator to the club in my crib like

Yes it’s on and poppin’
Yes the party’s rockin’
Yes the cutie’s jockin’
Yes and there ain’t no stoppin’

Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream

Ev-ev-every day I see my dream
Every day I see my
Every day I see my dream
Every day I see my dream

sine language crystal method im in miami bitch trick back to the future boom boom bow pitbull duet get crazy girl cant help it hot n cold katy perry remix diego la las vegas i am not a whore i dont wanna be i gotta know i shake i move la la la leaving u you 4 for the groove life is a game of chess lil hipster girl love games lady gaga party rock love lockdown kanye west part of me chris cornell shooting star young boss kevin rudolph pittbull shots lil jon this is my life hyper crush yes bounce scream my name

You’re a Woman (Reloaded)
Pretty Young Girl (Reloaded)
Hot Girls – Bad Boys (Reloaded)
Kisses and Tears (My One and Only) (Reloaded)
I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (Reloaded)
Mon Amie (New Hit Version)
Kiss You All over Baby (Reloaded)
Come Back and Stay (Reloaded)
Why (Misty Eyes)
A World Without You (Michelle) (Reloaded)
Lady in Black (Reloaded)
Show Me the Way (New Hit Version)
A Train to Nowhere (Completely Remixed Unreleased Version)
How I Need You (Reloaded)
30th Anniversary Megamix
Queen of Hearts (Reloaded)
Jungle in My Heart (Reloaded)
Baby Blue (New Hit Version)
The Woman I Love (New Hit Version)
Aguarda Tu Amor (Spanish Remix ’99 Extended of Save Your Love)
I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (The Original 1st Recording Session)
Where Are You Now (The Original 1st Recording Session)
Jungle in My Heart (Original Instrumental Version)
Back to the Future (Level 2 Remix)
Never Never (Bonus Track)
Out of the Blue (Bonus Track)
Have You Ever Had a Love Like This (A Mix Like This)
You’re a Woman (Alternative Mix)
I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (Electro Mix 1998)
Jingle (Audio Comment with Trevor, Andrew, John)

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“Dark Horse” Parody Starring

Katy Perry/Robin Thicke/Justin Bieber – Bart Baker -http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer

Juicy J — KingBach – https://www.youtube.com/user/BachelorsPadTv

Miley Cyrus- Courtney Pants – youtube.com/user/courtneypants

Russell Brand – Alex Farnham – youtube.com/user/DamItsGood808

Egyptian Cat Lady – Erin Michelle – erinmichelleonline.com

Blue Man – JorDance – youtube.com/user/Jordance4u

John Mayer — Vaho

Shia Labeouf – Ryan Pfleiderer

Offended Gunman – Gabriel Koura – youtube.com/user/gabekoura http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5209430/

Suitor – Jovver Fortuno

Suitor – Jeffery King

Suitor – Robert Tarpinian – YouTube.Com/RobertTarpinian

Suitor – Yev Belilovskiy

Gypsy — Dog

“Dark Horse” Parody Directed by – Bart Baker – http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer

“Dark Horse” Parody Editor – Bart Baker

“Dark Horse” Parody Written by – Peter Gilroy & Bart Baker — youtube.com/user/petergilroy

“Dark Horse” Parody Supervising Producer – Ricky Mammone

“Dark Horse” Parody DP — Jon Na – youtube.com/user/jonnamean

“Dark Horse” Parody Technical Director & VFX Artist – TJ Fuller

“Dark Horse” Parody Producer – Ben Loescher

“Dark Horse” Parody Production Coordinator – Aron Korney

“Dark Horse” Parody Gaffer/Shooter — Tyler Carey

“Dark Horse” Parody Key Makeup — Brittany White – youtube.com/makeuprumors

“Dark Horse” Parody Makeup — Michelle Burgo

“Dark Horse” Parody Costume Designer – Amanda Hosler

“Dark Horse” Parody Costumer – Karen Abarca

“Dark Horse” Parody Costume Intern – Wendy Garcia

“Dark Horse” Parody Endslate Shooter — Kyle Herman

“Dark Horse” Parody Production Designer – Andrew Bofinger

“Dark Horse” Parody Art Department – Chris Devlin

“Dark Horse” Parody Art Department – Marshall King

“Dark Horse” Parody Art Department – Eligh Macias

“Dark Horse” Parody Art Department – Remington Bremmer

“Dark Horse” Parody Production Assistant – Yev Belilovskiy

“Dark Horse” Parody Production Intern – Jasone Urrutia

“Dark Horse” Parody Track created by – Seth Earnest

“Dark Horse” Parody VFX Artist — Tony Lee

¡Serie de baile! Just Dance 2016 de Wii U
Juegos baratos ? http://www.instant-gaming.com/es/igr609803/
Suscribete ^.^ ES GRATIS ? ? http://goo.gl/MyO8in
Canal Deiak ? https://www.youtube.com/user/deiakx

Aqui los bailes de Just Dance 2015

Aqui los bailes de Just Dance 2014

¿Te ha gustado verme bailar? Dale LIKE y recomiendame una canción de la lista!! ^.^
All About That Bass – Meghan Birds
Animals – Martin Garrix
Balkan Blast Remix – Angry Birds
Blame – Calvin Harris ft. John Newman
Born This Way – Lady Gaga
Chiwawa – Wanko Ni Mero Mero
Circus – Britney Spears
Cool Fot The Summer – Demi Lovato
Fancy – Iggy Azalea ft. Charli Xcx
Fun – Pitbull ft. Chris Brown
Gibberish – Max
Hangover (BABABA) – Buraka Som Sistema
Heartbeat Song – Kelly Clarkson
Hey Mama – David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack
I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas
Ievan Polkka – Hatsune Miku
I’m An Albatraoz – Aronchupa
Junto a Ti – Disney’s “Violetta”
Kaboom Pow – Nikki Yanofsky
Lights – Ellie Goulding
No Control – One Direction
Rabiosa – Shakira ft. El Cata
Same Old Love – Selena Gomez
Stuck On a Feeling – Prince Royce
Teacher – Nick Jona
This Is How We Do – Katy Parry
Under The Sea – Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”
Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
Want to want me – Jason Derulo
William tell Overture – Rossini
You’re The One That i Want – From The Movie Grease
Boys (Summertime Love) – The Lem on Cubes
Copacabana – Frankie Bostello
Drop The Mambo – Diva Carmina
Hit the Road Jack – Charles Percy
Irish Meadow Dance – O’Callaghan’s Orchestra
Kool Kontact – Glorious Black Belts
Let’s Groove – Equinox Stars
Stadium Flow – Imposs
The Choice is Yours – Darius Dante Van Dijk
These Boots Are Made For Walkin – The Girly Team
When The Rain Begins To Fall – Sky Trucking
You Never Can Tell – A. Caveman & The Backseats

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Lady Gaga stopped by Yale University’s campus for the Emotion Revolution Summit, organized by the Born This Way Foundation in collaboration with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. The event aims to “ignite important conversations about making schools a place where all students can thrive.”

The country band offers up a sweet, acoustic love song, live from Austin, Texas.
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Interprete:Bad Boys Blue
Album :Back

01.You’re A Woman [original Remix 98′]
02.Pretty Young Girl 98′
03.L.O.V.E In My Car 98′
04.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat 98′
05.Come Back And Stay 98′
06.A World Without You 98′
07.Lovers In The Sand 98′
08.Lady In Black 98′
09.Don’t Break My Heart………..
10.From Heart To Heart
11.Be By Your Side
12.From Heaven To Heartaches [12 Mix]
13.All About You
14.Out Of The Blue
15.I Believe
16.Te Turbo Megamix 98′ [Vol 1]
17.Te Turbo Megamix 98′ [Vol 2]



Not content with the traditional fashion show set up and intrigued by the possibilities offered by the web for displaying fashion, the ever forward-thinking Tom Ford tapped Nick Knight to direct a fashion film featuring his S/S 16 collection. Released in conjunction with Paris Fashion Week, the video features Lady Gaga alongside models Mica Arga, Lexi Bolling, Kayla Scott, Xaio Wen Ju, Valery Kaufman, Aymeline Valade, Lida Fox, Lucky Blue Smith, Alex Dunstan, David Agbodji and Tarun Nijjer.

Designer: Tom Ford
Direction: Nick Knight
Photographic Direction: Benoît Delhomme
Art Direction: Trey Laird at Laird and Partners
Set Design: Gideon Ponte
Models: Lady Gaga, Xiao Wen Ju, Lexi Bowling, Adrien Galo at IMG,Valery Kaufman at Society, Aymeline Valade and Mica Arganaraz at DNA, Kayla Scott at Ford, Lida Fox and Lucky Blue Smith at Next, Alex Dustan at Select, Thomas Gibbons at Fusion, Reynolds Duck at New York Models, Eric Ramos and David Agbdji at Re:Quest, Mark K and Joe Slaughter at MSA and Marcus Mitchell and Noel Fraias at BLOC
Styling: Carine Roitfeld
Choreography: Stephen Galloway
Hair: Sam McKnight
Make-up: Stephane Marais
Nails: April Foreman
Music: Lady Gaga – “I Want Your Love” (feat. Nile Rodgers), Produced by Rene Arsenault and Billy Mohler for Riot City (weareriotcity.com), mixed by Matty Green
Editing: Dustin Robertson
Digital Post: Loic Mais
Colour Grading: Stefan Sonnerfeld at Company3
Production – A White Label Product & North Six Productions
Executive Production: Oliver Hicks at North Six
Photography Assistance: Britt Lloyd, Markn Ogue, James Stopworth and James Perry
Styling Assistance: Ben Perreira, Ron Hartleben and Lizzy Seguin
Set Department: Jenn Lee, Shelley Borgon, Brad Zoellick
Hair Assistance: Eamonn Hughes, Delcan Sheils, Valarie Benevidos, Marcia Lee, Piera Berdiccia, Helen Reavy, Nicole Walpert, Karina Vega, Esther Vasquez and Anna Lyles
Make-up Assistance: Amber Dreadron, Mia Yang, Shin Tsai, Natasha Severino, Kelly Huny, Jenna Garagiola, Satya Linak, Leah Carmichael and Paul Blanch
Nail Assistance: Jolene, Elisa, Syreeta, Piper and Kait
Production Assistance: Lynn Zekanis, Kyd Drake, Kellie Tessear, Ali Juliano, Eric Lord, Matthew Ray, Blayke Kogan, Evan Gonzalez, Barton Bronstein and Matt MacMillion

1/ IAO
2/ Fantastic Dreams
3/ Jerusalem
4/ Dance With Me
5/ Afternoons In Utopia
6/ Sensations
7/ 20th Century
8/ The Voyager
9/ Carol Masters
10/ Universal Daddy
11/ Lassie Come Home
12/ Red Rose
13/ Lady Bright

14/ The Nelson Highrise Sector 2: The Mirror Incl. The Other Side Of U/ Airlines/ T.O.S.O.U. (Reprise)
15/ Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers (Incl. The Nelson Highrise Sector 3: The Garage)
16/ Next Generation
17/ Concrete Soundtraxx For Imaginary Films I
18/ Red Rose (Edit Of Remix)
19/ Sensations (Remix)
20/ Big In Japan (Single Version ’88)

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault.

“Til It Happens To You” available for download now:
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TIHTY
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Amazon: http://smarturl.it/TIHTYamz

“Til It Happens To You” written by Diane Warren and Lady Gaga; performed by Lady Gaga, from the film THE HUNTING GROUND, available now: http://bit.ly/1E6XAFl





Stadsboer’ perform “We Own The Night by Lady Antebellum” LIVE in the at Expresso penthouse.

Lady Gaga as The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel, which airs starting October 7th. Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly

Filmed and recorded live at the Baku 2015 European Games Opening Ceremony held in Baku, Azerbaijan June 12th 2015.


Baku 2015 is the 1st European Games. Find out more on our official website (http://www.baku2015.com), follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/BakuGames2015) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/baku2015).


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Voices by Bart Baker, Tiffany Tynes, & Devyn Deloera -http://www.youtube.com/thedevyndeloera

“Bitch I’m Madonna” PARODY STARRING
Madonna – Bart Baker – Bart Baker – http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer
Nicki Minaj – Tiffany Tynes – https://instagram.com/miss_tiffyt/ & https://www.youtube.com/user/tiffyt08
Beyoncé – Glozell – https://www.youtube.com/user/glozell1
Katy Perry – Syd Wilder – https://www.youtube.com/user/SYDWILDER
Rita Ora – Gsnaps – https://www.youtube.com/user/GingerMusicPage
Diplo – Roland Luitgaarden – https://www.youtube.com/user/PeteAndRoland
Kanye West – Warren Barrow
Miley Cyrus – Summer Loffler
Chris Rock – Matthias Saunders
Shirtless Hallway Dude – Aron Reuben Korney – http://www.thetragicshow.com/
Dom Hat Lady – Amanda Hosler – http://www.amandahosler.com/
Party Gal – KingKohn
White Hat Party Guy & Sock Puppeteer – Ben Loescher
Sock Puppeteer – Ben Loescher
Sock Puppeteer – Remington Brimmer
Sock Puppeteer – James Demuth
Sock Puppeteer – Omar Gharaibeh
Intro/Ending Girl – Samantha Gangel
Madonna/Kid ADR – Kim Bubar
Dancer – Alexa Fung
Dancer – Mina Huynh
Dancer – JorDance – https://www.youtube.com/user/Jordance4u
Dancer – Bash Johnson – Instagram.com/bash2talented
Dancer – Camryn Howard
Dancer – Paige Annette – https://instagram.com/paige_annette/
Intro Girl – Sofia Chicorelli Serna
Intro Girl – Ruby Lightfoot
Intro Girl – Bianca FigueroaExtra – Colleen Allison
Party Extra – Jonathan Arroyo
Party Extra – Darell Davie
Party Extra – James Garcia
Party Extra – Lauren Jenna
Party Extra – Justin Hayward
Party Extra – Tauheedah Jones
Party Extra – Jordyn-Nicole Barbika
Party Extra – Shannon McDowell
Party Extra – Kristen Laffey
Party Extra – Mike Gamms
Party Extra – Jamal Evans
Party Extra – Kyle Hancock
Party Extra – Tyler Natick
Party Extra – Nala Monroe
Party Extra – Tavares Perkins
Party Extra – Austin Moreno
Party Extra – Sydney Nicole
Party Extra – Brittany Lopez
Party Extra – Sara Fayngolz
Party Extra – Dondria Fields
Party Extra – Ben Hicks
Party Extra – Lance Gideon
Party Extra – Lance Gideon

“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Created/Written/Directed by – Bart Baker – http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Executive Producer – Ricky Mammone
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Writer – Eli Braden – http://www.elibraden.com/
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Director – Layne Pavoggi
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Editor – KingKohn
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Editor – Pam Svatos – http://www.psvatos.com/
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Producer – Ben Loescher
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Producer – Aron Reuben Korney – http://www.thetragicshow.com/
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Supervising Producer – George Kimmel – https://www.youtube.com/user/votedbestchannel
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Director of Photography – Jon Na – https://www.youtube.com/user/JonNaMean
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Instrumental Track Composer – Jose “Choco” Reynoso – http://www.discogs.com/artist/383061-
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Gaffer – Matthias Saunders
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Grip – Elijah Kagan
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Steadicam Ops – Thor Wixom
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody AC – Joel Swanner
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Costume Designer – Amanda Hosler – http://www.amandahosler.com/
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Wardrobe Asst. – Jen Osborne
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Key Makeup – Brittany White – https://instagram.com/brutalbee
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Art Department – Chris Devlin
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Art Department/Props/Makeup – Remington Brimmer
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Art Department – Eligh Macias
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Art Department – Greg Padget
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Art Department – Aaron Montgomery
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Production Coordinator – Rob Goldman – http://teamprocreate.com/
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Production Assistant – Talia Zapien
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Parody Production Assistant – Stephanie Mcbain

BRAND NEW PMJ ALBUM “EMOJI ANTIQUE” HERE: http://msclvr.co/rhzORF Postmodern Jukebox tix: http://www.pmjlive.com The sultry Ariana Savalas sings (and whistles) her way through this 1920’s …

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Very few fans know that Lady Gaga had a very hot affair with Edward Grieg and it did not work out. They had a Bad Romance. This is South African pianist and Steinway Artist Charl du Plessis’…

TONY BENNETT & LADY GAGA: CHEEK TO CHEEK – LIVE available now! iTunes: http://smarturl.it/CTCLiveiT Amazon DVD: http://smarturl.it/CheekDVDamz Amazon Blu-Ray…

Music video by Shaggy performing Hey Sexy Lady. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 6233332. (C) 2002 Geffen Records/Big Yard Music Group.

Music video by Lady Gaga performing Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. TONY BENNETT & LADY GAGA: CHEEK TO CHEEK available now! iTunes: …

Yahoo Lady Gaga – ArtRave – Live at the Bercy in Paris, November 24th 2014 Full Show (Presented by Yahoo) HD artRave The ARTPOP BALL TOUR full concert – 1080…

artRaveLIVESTREAM Video editing is the little monster from Russia By Andreas Titov http://instagram.com/AndreasTitov https://twitter.com/AndreasTitov https:…

“Same Parts, Same Heart” features in the film ‘Leading Lady’ starring Katie McGrath, Gil Bellows, Bok van Blerk and Brümilda van Rensburg. South African rele…

Final concert of Artrave artpop ball tour, paws up Stephanie!! Setlist: ARTPOP G.U.Y. Donatella Venus Intro Venus Willkommen (from “Cabaret”, a cappella) MANiCURE Just Dance Poker…

Live footage and vocals from the sound board from #artRaveVienna, Lady Gaga singing 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up”

Bad Boys Blue Lady in black This are the places so far from home I was a loner I was on my own. The moon was shining I saw her face A magic woman all dressed…

From the official soundtrack for #LeadingLadyMovie An actress from Britain. A Boer from Brandfort. A town destined for Hollywood. Starring Katie McGarth, Bok van Blerk and Gil Bellows. Directed…

Tracklist: 01 Marry The Night (00:00) 02 Born This Way (04:26) 03 Government Hooker (08:50) 04 Judas (13:05) 05 Americano (17:16) 06 Hair (21:25) 07 Schei?e …

From GREAT PERFORMANCES “Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek LIVE!” Premieres October 24th on PBS Courtesy of Thirteen /WNET New York and Interscope Rec…