Valiant Swart – Mystic Boer Brandy

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From a vision to create a new generation brandy, independent, innovative and forward looking. Brandy defined by its quality, built from the inside, where the product in the bottle does the taking for the brand. A brandy, smooth drinking and easy on the eye – For the true believer.
Mystic Boer brandy started as far back as 2008 when we started to talk about a shared passion for music and high spirits, and talked at length about the establishing a brandy brand that, intrinsically and in its branding would be progressive and forward thinking, and would stand for quality and integrity. It is a well-known fact that SA brandy has taken a massive step back against the onslaught of whisky and bourbon brands from abroad, this was not always so much a question of the quality of the brandies on offer (SA produces some very fine brandy), but more a factor of some sub-par marketing (including a pricing strategy that “told”consumers that brandy was inferior and so must be cheaper. The reality is in fact the total opposite. It costs just as much, and in many cases more, to produce an SA brandy as it costs to produce a premium Scotch, Irish or Bourbon whisky. Grapes are more expensive to produce than grain or corn, and takes longer to grow, do the sums.
Also the South African brandy producers have not always been as innovative as they should be regarding style of the intrinsics, sticking for the most to the cheap and cheerful way.

So our vision was to create a brandy with progressive and forward looking packaging that would resonate with our target consumer. But above all the vision was to build the brand from the inside out. That is, we wanted the product in the bottle to talk for the brand. Hence we started to approach distillers open and willing to work with us in relooking the way we make brandy and perhaps twisting the conventional wisdom a bit to come up with a product/s that stands apart from other brandies, in the main less austere, less wooded, sweeter, smoother, more complex. Some would say “brandewyn wat nie seermaak nie”.

Premium Batch release 01/17, a premium blended brandy with a very interesting history. A lucky find one could say. This batch of 570 cases was “found” not far from where Valiant grew up in the Boland(“Jy eindig waar jy begin het”) It has a potstill content of about 74%, as opposed to most SA blends having a 30% statutory content. The potstill content was first distilled in 2008 and placed in small oak barrels till 2011, when it was blended with standard brandy and the lay in tanks, forgotten, in a way, till 2017. The company that had produced it had decided to get out of the brandy business, so did not take the final step in blending it to 30%. And so we found it, and knew instantaneously that we were dealing with something special. They say that nothing more happens to brandy if stored in steel tanks, and maybe this is so, but we can say with surety that what we found in those tanks is special.
100% Potstill: A combination of 3, 5 and 6 year old potstill brandies. All distilled in Copper potstills and aged in small oak casks. Working with the blender we set about coming up with a brandy slightly sweeter, less wooded than most and finished it off at 38% alc by volume. The Potstill blend was achieved by barrel selection, the aim to achieve the best blend of smoothness, character and finish
Finally the products was bottled by hand, and labelled by hand.