From the Alphaville ‘Songlines’ laser disc. Reformatted to HD, wide screen. This song also appears on the Alphaville album, ‘The Breathtaking Blue’, one of the top selling Alphaville albums ever, with a lot of live instruments throughout the album. The album is still available. Although Songlines is out of print at the time of this upload.

1984 Warner.

En 1982, el cantante Marian Gold y el tecladista Bernhard Lloyd formaban parte de un proyecto musical llamado Nelson Community, allí formaron una banda llamada Chinchilla Green que no prosperó. Ese mismo año, Lloyd formó una banda con Frank Mertens, otro tecladista, entonces ellos llamaron a Gold para que sea el cantante, de esta manera nació la banda Forever Young, más tarde sería rebautizada como Alphaville.
En 1983, Alphaville edita su primer sencillo “Big in Japan”, que pronto se convertiría en un éxito mundial y que junto con “Sounds Like A Melody” serían un anticipo de su álbum Forever Young que incluía también el éxito del mismo nombre. Pese al éxito obtenido, Frank Mertens deja la banda y es reemplazado por Ricky Echolette en teclados y guitarra, quien fuera compañero de ellos en Chinchilla Green.
En 1986, editan otro sencillo “Dance with Me” que tendría gran éxito, como anticipo de su segundo álbum Afternoons in Utopia.
En 1988, editan un compilado conteniendo todos los sencillos de la banda hasta ese momento y al año siguiente, lanzan The Breathtaking Blue, que incluía el tema “Romeos”.
Alphaville tardó varios años en editar su siguiente álbum, mientras tanto, Marian Gold realizó un disco solista en 1992. Entonces, es en 1994, cuando Alphaville realiza su cuarto álbum de estudio: Prostitute.
En 1996, Ricky Echolette dejó la banda pero dejaría algunas contribuciones para el álbum Salvation que se editaría al año siguiente.
Entre 1997 y 2010, Alphaville solo edita álbumes recopilatorios y de rarezas. Pero ya para 2003, la banda había vuelto a mutar con la partida de Bernhard Lloyd. La formación quedó entonces con Gold como cantante, Martin Lister en teclados, Dave Goodes en guitarra, y Jakob Kiersch en batería.

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***** alphAVille live in Festplatz, Berching, Germany *****

From the forthcoming new album “Strange Attractor” (April 2017)

Music video by Alphaville performing Heartbreak City. (C) 2017 Lunapark, under exclusive license to Polydor/Island, a division of Universal Music GmbH

Alplhaville – Greatest Hits (HD) (Video Collection) (2015)
01. Sounds Like A Melody 0:00:00
02. Big In Japan 0:06:48
03. Dance With Me 0:11:37
04. The Jet Set 0:15:34
05. A Victory Of Love 0:19:00
06. Afternoons In Utopia 0:24:39
07. Forever Young 0:27:47
08. In The Mood 0:31:46
09. Jerusalem 0:36:17
10. Summer In Berlin 0:39:43
11. Universal Daddy 0:44:34
12. I Die For You Today 0:48:25
13. Song For No One 0:52:27
14. Big In Japan (Extended) 0:56:46
15. Sounds Like A Melody (Extended) 1:03:43
16. Dance With Me 1:11:25
—- Unplugged Bonus —-
17. Carry On Your Flag 1:15:23
18. Big In Japan 1:20:46
19. Dance With Me 1:25:27

From Alphavilles debut album Forever Young (1984)

Brilliant piano cover by Kyle Landry, without a doubt one of the best musicians on Youtube: – You should subscribe to him, he’s awesome 🙂

100.000 views: 24. May 2009.
500.000 views: 10. February 2010.
1.000.000 views: 23. April 2010.
2.000.000 views: 07. July 2010.
5,000,000 views: 16. February 2011.

Artist: Alphaville
Album: Catching Rays on Giant
Track: 2
Year: 2010
Writers: Marian Gold; Martin Leister; The Outsider

© Universal Music Group
© We Love Music
All rights are reserved

TV Broadcast German Television “ZDF Kultur” on June 11, 2011.

A special Night at “Tresor” in Berlin on February 27, 2011. Three Bands, three Stages, only one Room (“Trafo”). Alphaville played that night six Songs in two Parts.

01 Monkey in The Moon
02 Carry your Flag
03 Big in Japan
04 Interview (german speaking)
05 I Die For You Today
06 Sounds Like a Melody
07 Forever Young

Alphaville – Big In Japan Original.1984

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Alphaville’s ‘Little America’ DVD reformatted to HD, wide screen. Best watched in 720p. An audio version of this is still available worldwide under the name ‘Stark Naked and Absolutely Live’. The DVD was recorded in July of 1999 and released in 2,000. It contains live performances of everything – from their big hits to fan favorites.
Alphaville kept playing until the folks running the venue told Alphaville they had to shut it down. Unfortunately, no video can do a live concert justice — certainly not this one. But enjoy the best you can! Unfortunately, the ‘Little America’ DVD is not in print at this time. It was a very limited offer, but you can still get the magnificent audio version! Get Alphaville ‘Stark Naked and Absolutely Live’ while you still can.

1/ IAO
2/ Fantastic Dreams
3/ Jerusalem
4/ Dance With Me
5/ Afternoons In Utopia
6/ Sensations
7/ 20th Century
8/ The Voyager
9/ Carol Masters
10/ Universal Daddy
11/ Lassie Come Home
12/ Red Rose
13/ Lady Bright

14/ The Nelson Highrise Sector 2: The Mirror Incl. The Other Side Of U/ Airlines/ T.O.S.O.U. (Reprise)
15/ Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers (Incl. The Nelson Highrise Sector 3: The Garage)
16/ Next Generation
17/ Concrete Soundtraxx For Imaginary Films I
18/ Red Rose (Edit Of Remix)
19/ Sensations (Remix)
20/ Big In Japan (Single Version ’88)

Full Album + B Sides + Singles Version From Vinyls

1/ A Victory Of Love
2/ Summer In Berlin
3/ Big In Japan
4/ To Germany With Love
5/ Fallen Angel
6/ Forever Young
7/ In The Mood
8/ Sounds Like A Melody
9/ Lies
10/ The Jet Set

11/ Seeds
12/ Welcome To The Sun
13/ The Nelson Highrise (Sector One: The Elevator)
14/ Golden Feeling
15/ Big In Japan (Single Version)
16/ Forever Young (7″ Special Dance Mix)
17/ Sounds Like A Melody (Single Version)
18/ Jet Set (Single Version)

This is Alphaville’s song Fallen Angel from the album Forever Young with lyrics.

Alphaville (Live Concert, Russia, Ekaterinburg, 17.12.2011)

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For a million years they dream … For a million years they dream And the fog conceals and hides and eats our souls Before they open up their eyes again …

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Alphaville – Forever Young (full album) 432Hz.

01. Big In Japan 0:00:00 02. Sounds Like A Melody 0:04:48 03. A Victory Of Love 0:11:37 04. Summer In Berlin 0:17:17 05. Dance With Me 0:22:09 06. I Die For …

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RIP Martin Lister (1962-2014) 01 – Summer Rain 00:00 02 – Romeos 04:10 03 – She Fades Away 09:39 04 – The Mysteries Of Love 14:36 05 – Ariana 19:32 06 – Heav…

ALPHAVILLE – BIG IN JAPAN – 1984 “Alphaville-Big In Japan”, gravação de som administrado por: WMG.

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