Guns N’ Roses – Estranged

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Music video by Guns N’ Roses performing Estranged. (C) 1993 Guns N’ Roses under exclusive license to Geffen Records.

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maxime hebert says:

Estranged is so underrated!

Lilly Brereton says:

Somebody wants a fancy car, another one a big expensive property, those dudes just want to be noticed


How impressive is? that??

doriancdugaln says:

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dawid djurowic says:

btw about 6 min to 6 50 slash is on a whole new level of moon walk?

dawid djurowic says:

the time when bands could actually? pull of a 10 minute song

Manny Manner says:

This video would is a good cigarette advertisement. I had quit smoking until? watching this. They just make smoking look so damn cool.

Concorde355 says:

8:09 Slash can stand? on the water. He’s my personal Jesus <3

ashwin mak says:

It’s only too bad axl became a little bit selfish and also? because of that the band became ruined :( (no I am not against axl, he’s my best hero ever and no I also like the new GnR but it just doesn’t give me goosebumps)

Chevelle Fanatics says:

That’s what your eyes see =/ I really like this band but they are not that great for me =)?

Conalen Subban says:

No one does not simply plays a guitar solo? on the fucking water except Slash

Helen Rimmer says:

agree 100 percent!?

ashwin mak says:

Best band EVER, no? discusion


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Kathrina Yvonne Cruz says:

one of greates band? ever form…………

Sebastian Nuñez says:

Jajaja? beses con b

jhons kevin albornoz araya says:

lo puedo ver millones de beses y puedo llorar millones de veces? es tan hermozo :(

frank hill says:

Axl? and? Izzy wrote the best songs

myiagi900 says:

its from a western and I think mexico if I remember correctly,i remember them saying it was in? some movie

myiagi900 says:

from wat I remember of the making of? the video he used a stand in the water was 2 cold for him lol and wen he saw his double he was in stitches laughing

Slaytallica98 says:

Strangely,? I seem to be able to identify with the first couple lyrics of the song. Sad, but true…

doriancdugaln says:

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Lorena Quiñonez says:

((Alone)) !! ?

s3lkiss says:

The first riff of guitar is? very beutiful

Ramones Punk says:

This? is beautiful music

brad hodder says:

bring back the real? gnr

Againwelived says:

one of the eternal musical Master Pieces, actually they are Pieces in one Piece? :)

Elena Mindru says:

i’m daying? for this song

Timoteo Lee says:

I’m a big fan of GNR but I never liked Estranged and Rocket Queen, I prefer My World from UYI2 that this songs :( I? don’t why

brad hodder says:

slasheidon raising? out of the water

SociopathicFangirl says:

If someone’s looking for definition of word “beautiful” should listem to this? song..

Tamyres Lima says:

Melhor? solo

yagami ryuki says:

slash… thanx for killer guitar.?

juan carlos rodriguez perez says:

mi cancion?

Patricia Vigario says:

e? minha vida

Patricia Vigario says:

eu amo?

felipe inmoral says:


idolquent says:

no? xD y tu?

Lina María Vega Cabra says:

THAT guitar solo…?

Sebastián Córdova says:

estudiaste en alguna escuela? de música?

panzertank3945 says:

life? sucks

ZEUH Dreamer! says:

No.? :@

Alejandro Morales says:

0:00 :/

6:14 :)?

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