Katy Perry – Roar Lyrics

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Katy Perry – Roar Lyrics On Screen Video Katy Perry – Roar Katy Perry – Roar.

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adriana milagros salas guillen says:

I can´t? stop listening to it!!!!

N. walsh says:

i love? dis song xD

clarissa fowler says:

my mom loves this song? haha

steven Clement says:

ez fuck them up?

khie dublin says:

love love? <3 <3 <3

majesty shabazz says:

love? this song helps me

Tear Jerker says:

A great? song!

Omgsavannahshere says:


Rocio Lopez says:

love? this song so much

hannah earley says:

loved this song so much :3?

Shasta Lover says:

Wtf is wrong with the font? They’re? good….lol……

Al-Khalil Guiteng says:

can u make it available on? mobile?? PLEASE! :)

Kenneth Hill says:

Now? this is a type of Lyrics Everyone want!

seldian says:


ConorMacProductions says:

Everything’s good about this video apart from the font… -_-?

alyssa Lake says:

i love this? song

Mikala Brehm says:

i wish it was that way 4 me…. only being bullied once….

derpface67 says:

-_- -_- -_- :( -_-:0 😀 :)such a good ? song

Kennedy Lintern says:

me like 15 so? your lucky

Kennedy Lintern says:

like? me. :(

mankiran dhillon says:

this has great words to it?

FallForMay says:

Can you watch? my cover of this song if you have a minute? Thank you.

Hannah Birtles says:

I hope this helps people stand up for the selves if they are? bullied <3

CaptainCommando10000 says:

I was? bullied once, ONCE.

DanceTheLove says:

wow, that is a good thing? you opened her eyes! and sorry that you were bullied <3

Courtney Jade says:

Sang this at my school talent show.? I won and the girl who used to bully me cried (in a good way!) and apologized. Now me and her are best friends and we have so much in common.

Laurah souza says:


Laurah souza says:

oohhh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ROAR?

laura portas says:

raor??? que dices? XD PD: amo tu foto de perfil :3

Arthur Marauder says:


angel242111 says:


Joana Soares says:

nice? :)

Esra MSP says:

rawwr? 😉 😀

Jeena Shirkey says:


Rochi Balderiote says:

beautiful :D?

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