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PAYPHONE MAROON 5 PAYPHONE MAROON 5 MUSIC VIDEO PAYPHONE MAROON 5 MUSIC VIDEO PAYPHONE MAROON 5 MUSIC VIDEO PAYPHONE MAROON 5 MUSIC VIDEO PAYPHONE MAROON 5 MUSIC VIDEO PAYPHONE MAROON 5 MUSIC VIDEO PAYPHONE MAROON 5 MUSIC VIDEO OFFICIAL thank you shelby for being in this, everyone go follow her on twitter! my twitter: my instagram: download “payphone” on iTunes here: so me and my best friend shelby filmed this at the beach, its definitely not my best, i just wanted to try something a little different with a story, i hope you all like it tho! =] im out for summer so lots of awesome new videos coming soon! I do not own this music, all rights go to maroon 5 and wiz khalifa.

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ArianaGIsMyIdol says:

was this? filmed in cape cod?

SpaztasticMe says:

I love reading Ricky’s comments back to people, they make me laugh (: PS this is? one of my favorite videos of yours!

moxmox02 says:

Where this was filmed? ? :O

blulexi9 says:

Haha that’s? EXACTLY what I was thinking @poocharooch #jealousykills :(

FluffyMexicanIII says:

Too? fast

shahdshaker22 says:

Lucky? girl….

poocharooch says:

jealous of that girl? in the video!

TheJb0315854 says:

Well, if you have? seen any of his other videos. You would know what he’s making are stop motions. Many other people are doing this too. If you were looking for the official video or song. Just type that in. Would make it a lot easier.

swaggerqeen says:

that was the most awaked hug ever like it just looked? weird

Mikster7500 says:

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whatavlog says:

I love this so much,?
your editing is amazing!
i sure subbed! :)

emilylovesllamas says:

*at? a beach* “Im at a payphone trying to call home” lol

MrJackMoxster says:

“Thats the point”, taking a perfectly good song, editing? it, and then renaming it so people like me think its the real thing and not making it clear you’ve edited it, I that frustrating. I was just making a point, not trying to anger people.

leeox7 says:

Beatifull song, you are so amazing to interpretate Musical? Videos.

gloriaaa15 says:

Best? video ive seen All My Life c:

kendall payne says:

so? hott!!

kendall payne says:

really!? cool

TheJb0315854 says:

Its not meant to sound like the real? song. That’s the point.

lilredhead1645 says:

this 1 is super? cute!

KylahLe1997 says:

@PICKLEandBANANA it’s like you’re the younger version of him? :)

Destiny Lynn says:


cchnlll says:



im adams long? lost brother

KylahLe1997 says:

It’s really? weird because he looks a lot like Adam Levine!

ConsueloAnnabell GabyNataliee says:

I wanna make a music? video like this but it seems soo hard ._.

tonyramato says:


tonyramato says:

u sure your at? a payphone cause looks like ur not and already home

musicismylifeiliveit says:

anyone kno how old he is??? 😛

BTWitsJAMESmate says:

damn, this? is so good dude!
keep it up, you’ve got such a talent. 😀

ForeverxLori says:

oh my god.? & OH MY GOD YOU ANSWERED! 😀 <3 :$


it is, i was partying in? the USA with miley that weekend

ForeverxLori says:

Is it just me or does that look like the beach from the last song??

forevermaryxoxo says:

i like? ur boobs(:

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