ThePianoGuys Q&A: Touring, Next Video, Sheet Music etc.

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Get our new album on Yes! We have 2 channels, one for music and the other for Behind the Scenes. Subscribe to both so you don’t miss a thing! Subscribe to ThePianoGuys Main Channel: Subscribe to ThePianoGuys Behind The Scenes Channel: Follow ThePianoGuys on Facebook: We thought we would take a moment to answer some questions that have been piling up, enjoy! The Questions: 1. When is your next video? Before Valentines Day! 2. How do I get notified when a video uploads? We have 2 channels, our main channel: Behind the scenes channel 3. How the heck did you get the piano up there? 4. Are you Touring? 5. What’s happening with the Founders Program? 6. Can I get Sheet Music? 7. Do you guys use green screen? 8. What’s up with this PBS thing? 9. I’ve got more questions, what now? 10. What is the meaning of life? 11. What is your favorite food? 12. Does Steve ever loose it on YouTube?