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HOT THIS WEEK: Sept. 9, 2016
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Beyonce – Hold Up http://vevo.ly/7lZAhv
Sia – The Greatest http://vevo.ly/LwAjCB
Kanye West – Fade http://vevo.ly/ZVgN61
The Black Eyed Peas- #WHERESTHELOVE http://vevo.ly/Lh7NWb
Miranda Lambert – Vice http://vevo.ly/ktRM61
Jidenna – Little Bit More – Live (Vevo LIFT) http://vevo.ly/oIt3iZ
T.I. – We Will Not http://vevo.ly/WuSNlD
I Met Janelle Monáe (Presented by Toyota) – http://vevo.ly/Bg05IW


Selena Style Transformation ?? https://youtu.be/CgEuLPbQhyI
More Celebrity News ?? http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews

It’s here! Christmas has arrived early! Selly Sel’s long awaited “Hands to Myself” video has finally premiered and it is EVERYTHING.
Is it me or is Selena Gomez’s new video arrhythmia inducing? I swear I felt my heart stop palpitating a few times as she pranced around in her underwear with Hottie McHot. #Goals

The bangs! The penthouse view! The ‘designer underwear’ slash ‘man’s dress shirt’ outfit! I’ve lost all chill. So “Hands to Myself” is the 3rd single off Selena Gomez’s Revival album, and after all the mini teasers she’s been gifting us her grown ass self in this very sexually charged music video- I think we can agree we all died a little when we saw this…

Eat your heart out, Justin Bieber! I’m sure he died a little when he watched the video too. So, the video starts off with Selena just chillin’ in a beautiful home in what we can only assume to be in the Hollywood Hills. She’s hanging out, running around the house in her sexy lingerie, jamming along to the music playing on that Beats Pill speaker, taking showers and even getting hot and heavy with this guy…Who – fun fact – appeared in Demi Lovato’s ‘Here We Go Again’ music video like, six years ago!
He was such a baby then!! Who knew Christopher Mason would be making an even sexier appearance in Selena’s music video many years later? Anyway, back to the subject at hand. After watching Selena prance around a home that she was VERY familiar with, you would think the girl was invited into the place, but nope! In the very beginning we saw the sexy starlet was actually breaking and entering! Yeah, Selena, you thought no one was looking, but we all were! However, the guy she was making out with in previous scenes didn’t appreciate Selena in his home after their little rendezvous, so he called the cops and sadly Selly G got arrested.

If you thought the video was over, think again. In a serious plot twist, the whole thing turned out to be a video/mini movie that Selena and her boy toy were watching on his couch? In case you’re confused, Selena hit us with a little bit of inception by putting a video within her music video.

So, is this Selena’s sexiest video of all time or what?! Let me know below or tweet me at MistyKingma. And speaking of sexiness, click over here to find out how Selena went from adorable Disney darling to sexy pop starlet on Selena’s style evolution! I’m Misty Kingma, thanks for subscribing and have an awesome day!

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Lupe Fiasco – Break The Chain ft. Eric Turner and Sway


I waited all my life to play
I still can’t find a way
But if I work it one more day
I might just break the Chain
I might just break the Chain
I might just break the Chain

Lupe Fiasco [Verse 1]

Freedom, we can use some of that especially where we from
Where we grew up like a green thumb
Its like a criminal is the only thing you can become
Look at what I became
Something like a phenom, nothin but a g thang
Things I’ve seen when I’m looking out of these frames
Pictures I painted on the walls where we hang
From the trees we hung
Strange fruit man look at how we swung
How the hell you gonna tell us something
We ain’t have a father
How to try to grow up and be one
See umm feel it in my bones
That I’m sittin on a throne
Like a killer with a crone
When I slit another poach
Shed a whole lot of light on a little bit of home


Sway [Verse 2]
Lupe Fiasco Break The Chain lyrics found on http://www.directlyrics.com/lupe-fiasco-break-the-chain-lyrics.html

Super swatter, the kid remains but I represent
I ain’t no paper planes. I’m fly
Plus, I dont write no more, sorta from the top
I’ll show you razor stay sharp
But I knew how to razor blade
I’ve paid my dues and now I wait for change
Because the flows so rude
It goes without asking Lupe
I’m so big, you aim to break


Lupe Fiasco [Verse 3]
Chain broke, you ain’t make a rep for your chain smoke
No cigarrettes on my plane, yo
Stunt your ham bones from the game though
Put it on mine, take a long time
B-A-Barock is how I’m livin’ online
On a webisode like let’s go let ’em know
That I put up the footage that I’m takin’ your shine
Wanna see the real change? look in your mind
Your brain look like your ? brotha
Overgrow, overload, broken zone
Niggas playing games in the hood they got you stuck-up
Playa thinkin’ that its cool to be a pimp still
We gon’ set it free like a fish in a ??
Take this home, rearrange it, change it
Danger, Sway-zer, Lupe Laser. Pow!


Epic 2 hour video megamix of commercial dance hits from the 90s! I hope this brings you all some great memories..
Tracklist in description below.

Keep in touch @ http://www.facebook.com/alexkofficial

Main tracks featured:

Dj Bobo – Somebody Dance with Me 0:45
Robin S – Show me Love 2:00
Haddaway – What is Love 3:06
Strike – U Sure Do 4:34
The Original – I Luv U Baby 6:17
Corona – Rhythm of the Night 7:56
Amber – This is your Night 10:05
Living Joy – Don’t stop Moving 12:08
Urban Cookie Collective – The Key The Secret 14:21
Snap – Rhythm is a Dancer 16:10
Captain Hollywood Project – More and More 18:42
Double You – Run to Me 21:00
JX – There’s Nothing I Won’t Do 22:58
Alex K vs Amen UK – Lover that you are 24:42
Culture Beat – Mr Vain 25:37
Rozalla – Everybody’s Free 27:16
Ice MC – Think about the Way 29:34
La Bouche – Sweet Dreams 32:20
Corona – Baby Baby 33:15
Tatjana – Santa Maria 35:30
Awesome 3 – Don’t Go 36:54
Twenty 4 Seven – Slave to the Music 38:58
Nikki French – Total Eclipse of the Heart 41:22
Berri – Sunshine after the Rain 43:29
Real McCoy – Runaway 45:39
K-Klass – Let Me Show You 48:05
Madonna – Frozen 49:49
2 Unlimited – Get Ready for This 50:49
Everything But The Girl – Missing 53:15
Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On 56:03
Living Joy – Dreamer 57:16
No Mercy – Where Do You Go 58:54
Alex Party – Don’t Give Me Your Life 1:00:19
Real McCoy – Another Night 1:02:31
Lee Marrow – Try me Out 1:04:35
D-Ream – You’re The Best Thing 1:06:18
Gat Decor – Do you want it Right Now (Passion) 1:08:29
N Trance – Set You Free 1:11:25
Motiv8 – Rockin for Myself 1:13:35
JX – You belong to Me 1:14:59
Motiv8 – Break the Chain 1:17:52
DJ Bobo – Love is all Around 1:20:35
La Bouche – I Love to Love 1:22:10
Gina G – Ooh Ahh.. Just a Little Bit 1:23:50
Jellyhead – Crush 1:25:56
La Bouche – Be My Lover 1:28:01
Robert Miles – Fable 1:29:34
4 Strings – Take me Away 1:30:01
Jam & Spoon – Right in the Night 1:30:54
2 Unlimited – Tribal Dance 1:33:22
2 Unlimited – Magic Friend 1:34:54
AB Logic – The Hitman 1:35:53
JX – Son of a Gun 1:37:48
Urban Cookie Collective – Feels like Heaven 1:40:05
Love Decade – So Real 1:42:06
Darren Briais vs Peewee Ferris – I Feel It 1:43:31
Dario G – Sunchyme 1:45:34
Double You – Please Don’t Go 1:48:26
Dr Alban – Sing Hallelujah 1:50:53

Various rap and vocal samples featured, including:

Outhere Brothers
Public Enemy
Porn Kings
Alex K
MC Miker G
Homeboy, Hippy & A Funky Dredd
Reel 2 Real

One Direction performs “Drag Me Down” LIVE on Good Morning America. Members of One Direction said today that life is “different” with the absence of former member Zayn Malik, but that things are still going “great.” “Obviously, it’s different but, you know, when you lose a member of your team obviously everyone gets a little bit close together,” Liam Payne, 21, said today on “Good Morning America.” “It’s still going great and that’s what this album is about,” Payne said. “We’re still going strong and we’re all still here.” Payne and his bandmates — Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson — surprised fans on Friday with the unexpected release of their first single, “Drag Me Down,” from their forthcoming album.
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ATTENTION. The quality on this is not 100%, this audio was taken from a live radio broadcast, so there is a little bit of static, although its not a big issu…

An Afrikaans song based on General De La Rey, a Boer general during the Boer war against the British. I am a Dutch Canadian and I know a little bit of Dutch,…