miley cyrus- goodbye music video & lyrics

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FOLLOW: subscribe: DO ITTT 🙂 PLEASE DO NOT STEAL THIS VIDEO if you use some clips of it just credit me, otherwise DO NOT STEAL thank you =] OMG i cant believe this was on oceanup thank you guys SOOOO much for watching it i didnt have internet the past few days (school trip haha) but i just saw this now and was like WOAH again thank you so much for all of this and miley if u see this YOUR AWESOME story: miley is being haunted by dreams and memories of nick, she thinks about him when shes sleeping and performing, she then goes to (where the tour buses are i think?) and remembers when they were on tour together but then sees him with selena. when he finally gets up the nerve to call her ( thanx to help of kevin) they try to talk it out. miley then realizes how much she was hurt by their choice of demi and selena over her and hangs up on him. the end of the video shows how even though they are fighting she will still always care about him, even as a friend ( hence the picture at the end of their hug recently.) sorry for the long description, but i love all of them and just thought that the story went along with the music, i am NOT picking sides with nick or miley or whatever ( apparently they are all friends now? =D) lyrics: I can honestly say You’ve been on my mind Since I woke up today, up today I look at your photograph all the time These memories come back to life And I don’t mind I remember when we kissed I still feel it on my lips The time